Guide To Summer Drinking

Summer means a lot of drinking, all the hype about winter being the party season goes for a toss when you need to drink all the time in the summer and that too with alcohol. Beers to cool off, vodka to party, rum to chill, it’s a never ending marathon of drinks. And as long as they are ice-cold what’s the harm? The calories and the hangover. So here’s a list of things you can do to ease off on the calories and have a better next day.

  1. Have mojitos- they are refreshing, have loads of soda, mint and lime which are good for you while you drink. A lot of people actually have soda and lime the next day while curing a hangover, it works well while you’re drinking as well.
  2. Have a Bloody Mary- Bloody Mary’s are low on sugar. Apart from that, tomatoes are in any case good for you, they speed up your metabolism and keep you full. So you can cut down on the snacking. Also very important is the celery, also known as a toothbrush for your insides, it helps clean up your system.
  3. Drink a glass of water for every drink you drink. This might make you pee a lot throughout the party but that’s a minor payoff for a completely fresh and easy next day. Your body maintains the water level and prevents dehydration as naturally as possible.
  4. Use cleaner mixers. Instead of going for mixers with sugar or artificial sweetners just opt for drinks that can be made with clean and delicious mixers. You can go for ginger ale concentrate and just add as much as you like so you can save on sugar. Coconut water, cucumber water and non-sugar orange juice is a must try.
  5. Watering down drinks is never a bad thing. But if you really love the fizzy sweet drinks with your alcohol mix them half with water or soda. This cuts down on the extra sweetness and also make the drink lighter and easier to drink. Added benefits are less sugar and more water in your body.
  6. Do some tequila- Yep, just stick to tequila like a mexican. You don’t need to carry a glass around in a party, all you need to do is head to the bar every once in awhile and do a good ol shot of the agave juice. Definitely follow that up with salt and lime. When you’ve savoured it enough drink some water. It’s a better way to drink.
  7. Have a wine seltzer- Fill your glass with half the wine you have and mix the rest with soda. That’s it. It tastes delish and cuts down your calories. You think you won’t get drunk enough? Just have more of them. That’s getting your body twice the water along with the same amount of alcohol you were going to drink anyway.
  8. A mimosa- yes please. Take no sugar orange juice, mix up some soda and then add the champagne. This is especially good for weddings where you don’t want to get drunk and make a fool of yourself.

Pro tip- Eat some protein and a little bread. Protein keeps your stomach full for longer and bread is great at absorbing extra alcohol. This makes you go to bed easy and no wake up feeling giddy and pukey.

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