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Delhi University is known for a diverse culture of students who mingle at favoured hangout spots in the campus area. With a growing number of non-local students living away from their homes, hanging out at various cafes, bars or parks is one of the few activities remaining in a university lacking in other recreational facilities. The North Campus area of DU is home to an ever growing number of such places. Here is a look at some of them:

Majnu Ka Tila


One of the first thing one notices while crossing the foot bridge that leads one to the Tibetan refugee colony of Majnu Ka Tila are tips of three hut-like enclosures. These belong to the Dechenling house, which also houses a restaurant cum bar. Also known as the rooftop restaurant, the Dechenling is one of the most enviously located restaurants. Vistors have the option of either eating indoors or on the rooftop. The huts provide privacy that most restaurants cannot. For the others, there are also tables placed along with sofas on the outside. Also there are a bunch of friendly cats who cuddle with you. The food here is mainly focused on Tibetan cuisine but also serves standard dishes such as noodles, chilly potato etc. The drinks menu is severely limited, and the only drinks available at most times are Kingfisher beers(priced at Rs 150 per can), or Royal Stag. Carrying a mosquito repellent cream is highly recommended.

Cost for 2: Rs 1000 (with drinks)




This one is another gem situated in Majnu Ka Tila. Simply named and located in a basement, the Coffee House is a firm blow to the belief that going out for a coffee has to be expensive. While most other coffee chains churn out overpriced coffee with regularity, the Coffee House is a quaint little place which is easy on the pocket. However, it does not compromise on quality, as the dishes here are as good, if not better than most other outlets. Prices range from Rs 50 for an Espresso to Rs 110 for a Cappuccino double. Tea enthusiasts too have plenty of options such as Tibetan Herbal tea, Darjeeling Green Tea, and Chinese Jasmine Tea (all below Rs 50).

Cost for 2: Rs 200

Nearest Metro Station: Vidhan Sabha



Kamla Nagar


Famous for Chole Bhature, Chache Di Hatti has a dedicated fan following amongst those living in North Campus. Centrally located in Kamla Nagar, the outlet is small but has an almost ever-present queue outside it. Seats of motorcycles and scooters parked outside double up as tables as there is no seating arrangement. A plate of aaloo wale bhature comes at Rs 40 per plate whereas a regular chchole kulche is available for Rs 45.

Cost for 2: Rs 100

chache di hatti



The closest place that serves beers near the university area, Beer Cafe is known for serving upto as many as 50 different brews of beer at most times. This one caters to the beer snobs. Although heavier on the pocket than most cafes in the area, the cafe is an ideal outing if one does not wish to go to travel extensively to spots such as Connaught Place or Hauz Khas Village. Its range of beers starts at Rs 145 for a pint of Kingfisher Lager. It also offers a wide range of brands in alcoholic drinks including tequila, whisky, vodka etc. Meals mostly consist of starters.

Cost for 2: Rs 1500

beer cafe



The Shake Square is a highly frequented spot and is located in Kamla Nagar market. A large variety of flavoured shakes, ranging from butterscotch, strawberry to blackcurrent are available here. Aside from these, its pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and sundaes make up a well rounded menu of light snacks.

Cost for 2: Rs 300

Nearest Metro Station: Vishwavidyalaya

shake square


Hudson Lane


A part of a Korean fast food chain, this is a fusion fast food restaurant. Kori’s is a breath of fresh air for those who have been brought up on the stagnant menu of McDonalds. The restaurant serves anything from the regular burgers to unconventional fare such as mayo rice paired with tuna or sausage kimbaps(Korean sushi rolls). The relative anonymity that the restaurant enjoys ensures that one can eat in peace without the hustle and bustle of most other eating joints.

Cost for 2: Rs 500




This is a neat little place with one of the more comfortable sitting arrangements around. It has the options of both indoor as well as outdoor seating. More of a snack bar than, one can chill and comfortably lay down or stretch one’s legs on the terrace. Momos, pastas, Oreo shakes, salads and soups are some of the dishes served here. Its idea of reusing old bottles as decorative pieces and for serving shakes and lemonades is a commendable feature.

Cost for 2: Rs 700

Nearest Metro Station: GTB Nagar



Honorable mentions


The Ridge is ideal for walking, jogging, sitting or merely sitting on one of the many benches. Every now and then, a walk in the park is a highly recommended alternative to going out and spending money on food items. The lush cover of greenery provides some much needed fresh oxygen to tired city lungs.




One of the most iconic stalls in Delhi University, Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point is a well known name amongst students. It is situated near Ramjas College. As its name suggests, the joint serves the staple diet of most students; maggi. However, it serves as many as 40 varieties of the dish; from Cheese Masala Maggi, Paneer Masala Maggi to all in one maggi.

Nearest Metro Station: Vishwavidyalaya

tom uncle maggi

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