In Conversation with Pooja Roy Yadav: Founder of NIMAI

A blissful aura surrounded Nimai—a pretty little store tucked away in the glistening lanes of Shahpur jat—as Pooja Roy Yadav, the founder, took a break from her ongoing store revamp to talk to us about her journey and discoveries along the way. After 10 years into her career as a Brand consultant, Roy shifted gears and applied her affinity for chic handcrafted jewels and honed sense of style to the realm of jewelry branding and trade. Nimai encourages handcrafted, Made in India jewelry with an eagerness to sustain and supplement artisan’s development and create better work opportunities. They harness an eclectic range of jewelry designs by 35+ designers who are constantly experimenting with curious mediums like paper, cement, shark teeth, glass and fossils among others.

What made you make a transition from brand consulting to creating something of your own?

I am a firm believer of connecting the dots and think that I have come this far because of certain incidences in my life. For over a decade, my life revolved around ideating and strategizing branding solutions for luxury and premium lifestyle brands entering and operating in India. One fine morning, I woke up to realise that, if I can help create brands for others, I can try and do that for myself. So, I bid farewell to my corporate life in 2012 and whilst serving a 6 month long notice period, I started experimenting with jewelry.

How did you stumble upon the idea of Nimai?

After I spent three months attending jewelry designing, jewelry making and metalsmithing workshops at the Central Saint Martins London College of Fashion, I was aspiring to launch my own jewelry label. While searching for mediums to do that, I came across a lot of brilliant jewelry designers who didn’t really have a platform to showcase their creativity or were typecasted to the junk jewelry category. So, I took it upon myself to create a platform that would showcase their true talent to the world, the journey to which was quite intriguing and challenging at the same time. That’s how I came about with the idea of starting Nimai. It became India’s first multi brand destination for designer jewelry. We have been in business for 2 years now, and showcased about 40 jewelry artists from different parts of India who cater to pretty much all age groups.

How does Nimai stand out in the jewelry business?

Curation, Curation, Curation. When somebody pays a visit to Nimai, they are rest assured that there are 3 to 4 things that are taken care of: (a) They’ll have access to the best original designs that are coming out of India; (b) They’ll have access to designers playing with curious mediums like paper, clay, cement, glass, acrylic among others which are all used to create jewelry; (c) Jewelry here will be high on quality, high on design and well differentiated.


What’s next? What’s your vision for the future of your brand?

We see tremendous potential in this category of jewelry and since we glorify handcrafted, made in India and Indian contemporary designs—we definitely want to take this to wherever people appreciate jewelry. We’re trying to create a luxury brand that’s coming out of India wholly and solely around jewelry.We are going online next month with the option of worldwide shipping. We aim to have a presence in key cities across the world—So, think Nimai London, Nimai New York, Think Nimai Amsterdam—we start our international expansion by 2017. This, what you see, is the flagship unit. We intend on opening in another location in Delhi in one of the busier markets to grab some more eyeballs.

Store Details:

Address: NIMAI, 416, Shahpurjat Village, New Delhi – 49
Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

Store Landline: 011 64300113

Facebook + Instagram + Twitter: ShopNIMAI

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