Jugmug Thela Now Has a Chai Stall!

When you’re walking past a food festival or a any major event in and around Delhi and happen to get a waft of something delectable in the air, something that you might want to eat and drink at the same time, chances are that there is a big rustic and steaming thela nearby. Jugmug Thela, of course. A brainchild of Jiten Suchede, it has made a lot of noise in the city for its all-natural soothing, refreshing and yummy tea and coffee blends, tea masalas and chai time goodies. They’ve been known for getting you teas from some of the best estates in the country and packaging them into pretty glass jars, their Happy Stomach  and Langlai High Elevation Assam Orthodox are well known and a must try. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, as they also whip up some lickilicious ice-pops, creamsicles and sparkling ice-teas.

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Having people turn up at your office when they follow google maps and asking for chai can’t be a pleasant experience. But what’s even less pleasant is probably turning them down and see them leave with a sad face, especially when they made the effort to get to you. This is where Jiten saw the opportunity and took the Thela to the next level. Champa Gali now has the first ever permanent iteration of the up until now pop-up style thela. It’s safe to say the brainchild has grown up a bit.

So now when you land up here looking at your maps, you’re welcomed by an alfresco style tea shop. A tea shop that you’d see at every corner of the city and all across the country. A minimal seating area where your choice of drink and eatables are served. It’s a quaint set up that provokes conversations.

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To add more to the permanence of the place and make it worth the trip you do get more. With the summer beating down our backs like never before Jugmug has also introduced a refreshingly new sparkling ice-tea range. Made fresh using a banta machine, you get your sparkling (carbonated) ice-tea in a bunta bottle. You’re sure to hear an “aahh” with every sip with these as the flavours are as usual not so typical. To start with they have Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus & Rosemary), Seabuckthorn Berry, Lemon & Basil. If you’re not the ice-tea type then there are ice-pops which you can’t say no to. Full of fruits, must haves are watermelon and fresh mint, Raw mango and sweet lime and the in-house favourite Musk melon and honey. They also have creamier versions with Chikoo and fig, mango and coconut and lime and coffee and chocolate with real banana creamsicles.

We know it’s not easy just reading this, we had a tough time typing it out as well. It just led to another trip to Jugmug Thela and get our does of fresh fruity goodness. All this being a guilt-free affair as they use minimal sugar and rely on natural sweetness along with fresh ingredients and wonderful flavor pairings. The time is ripe. Head over to get some deelish caffeine fix.


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Where– Shed 4, Khasra 258, Behind Kuldeep House, Lane 3, Westend Marg, Saidulajaib, Saket

Nearest Metro Station– Saket

Phone number– +91 9810 681 212

Time– 11 AM to 7 PM.

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