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Wood, bricks and concrete have been making our living spaces all the more lively throughout time. But there are those spaces that are truly striking when they meet the eye, or even the body. Design can not only shape but also change the way a material feels and this is what Krea does from their setup at Sultanpur.

Not your usual lamps and coffee table store, Krea (Sanskrit for work, effort, to create.) is run by Managing Director, Arvind Panwar, an architect with a specialization in Furniture and Interior design from NID and Executive Director Suman Panwar again from NID. Together they founded Takshaka and have created the the soothing and engaging interiors of The Manor back in 1996, which was their first boutique hotel and led to many establishments taking up their design ethics and services. The Bhartiye Residence, Westin Gurgaon and JW Mariott Delhi have taken up their products and interior expertise to name a few.


. “We are a design led firm and realize how to make it well for use in any kind of environment. Our past is based on Takshaka, where we worked extensively with the hospitality industry, which adheres to a strict quality standard,” says Ritu Sharma, Creative Head.

It is this same standard with which Krea took birth in 2016 and now brings to its design and furniture. But with this experience they have also sought to make different crafts an integral part of their main design ideology; Good design, well made. From ikat, marquetry inlay metal casting , they incorporate all kinds of crafts in the most elegant of ways into pieces that are new-age in design. The craftsmen, the materials and the design of each piece is selected keeping in consideration the real use, environment and Indian ways of using living spaces, which not only makes every piece blend with the other but is also conducive to use.

Krea 1

Over the short span of setting shop in the Delhi market, Krea has also bagged some major design awards. Their Ikat center table for instance picked up the EDIDA 2015 in the Furniture Design category. The table personifies “India Modern” as the top is rooted in the Indian patterns of Ikat and has a contrasting modern design. Another such awe-inspiring creation of theirs is the Facet Paneling, which won the CII Design Excellence Award in 2015. This wooden panel is made up of meticulously chiseled wooden section creating a three dimensional effect, playing with the rays of light. Anchored in the dark and rich hues of walnut wood it forms modern polygonal shapes that blend into the teak creating a tactile canvas of geometric interplay.

Ikat table

While the online store can bring a sweet change to your humble home, a single piece from Krea and make all the difference. Sure, their work is more suited to bigger homes and properties, but a simple table set in a room of good ratio might be all that you need to impress a guest and show that some thought has gone into doing up your place.  Check them out at their store or at

Where: 371/1, Empire Estate, Sultanpur, MG Road, New Delhi
Nearest Metro Station: Sultanpur

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