Life In a Metro… Ride

Life in a metro

It feels like we are always on a move. Travelling in the metros back and forth, day in and day out. Exchanging glances, smiling at strangers, having awkward retinal contact, listening to the rumbling sound of the rails, passing moments on platforms where the doors close so swiftly, being crushed in the rush at Rajeev Chowk, being told to “mind the gap” between where you are and where you want to be. The mundaneness of this routine could get on to a lot of us.

I look at shoes. They seem to say so much about people. I come across beautiful women and men. I think about their stories while everyone seems to be caught up in this endless game of patience to get to where they want to as soon as they can. Some are like me and others use their time wisely. And if you are a regular on this humdrum scene, you might as well use your travel time sagaciously. Listening to music, playing candy crush (yes! it is still a rage), peeping into other people’s phone and judging fellow humans in your head. It’s all good, but perhaps we could move to a more refined and productive style of travelling. Here are a few things you could indulge in while travelling in a metro.

  1. READ

“Reading gives you someplace to go when you have to stay where you are.” I have seen a lot of people read on the metro. It is a brilliant way to pass time, learn and create a world of your own as you fall deep into the words of the author. If you aren’t into books, you could also read articles online by saving them on Pocket for later. Use Longform to read curated features which are all available offline. Browse through SupDelhi (needs hyperlink) to know all about what’s up with your city or get your scoop of news through News in shorts; a one stop destination to grasp all the latest news in merely 60 words.


Like I said, listening to music is great and even therapeutic most of the times. But if you want to learn something on the move, and reading in a crowd isn’t your cup of tea, you could listen to audiobooks through LibriVox that offers unlimited access to over 15,000 free audio books. Podcasts—motivational Joe Rogan or the super funny Potcast by Vir Das—are a fun way to spend your valuable time. Also, give a shot to TED talks if you haven’t already, or learn a new skill using Skillshare which is an amazing app that offers crisp courses in a variety of fields and lets you take the course offline.


Observing your surroundings is a great way to learn. Metro rides are a boon in disguise for the same. We suggest going Sherlock on people. Have a good look at their attire, expressions, body language and try to derive their possible life story. Brush up on your body language lessons by observing two people or a group in conversation with each other. Their hands, postures, direction of their feet and gesticulations give away a lot, about what they are thinking and what they want to say without putting it in words.

  1. WRITE

Write down your goals—long term and short term. Make a to-do list. Download Wunderlist or Google Keep that syncs the lists between all your devices. Get your life in order. They say that making lists is a great stress buster. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! You could also write about your day or feelings on this wonderful app called Jotterpad. So put on those earphones and start jotting down the story of your life.


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