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We throw grand parties at our home. Call a ton of people over and make preparations with music, food and alcohol but then when the party starts (or does it) that moment of ‘OMG it’s a party’ is lost. Your house is ignored and furniture more so. Could it be that the lights in your house are keeping that magic in the dark? Lights and lighting of a house can make all the difference in how it actually meets the eye.
Getting all the furniture in place and colour coordinating your interiors is a big fail when there are no proper light accents to make some parts stand out while keeping others in shadow. And when it’s not such a tough job to do then why not. Here are a few tips from Ritu Sharma, a furniture and interior designer with a special interest in lighting.

You living room is the heart of the house so it needs special attention. To do this, light up three of the four corners, and focus one of those three lights on a big object, it could be art, a plant or even a striking chair. When lighting the three corners make sure you use a combination of table lamps and floor lamps, some with a downward glow and some that shine upward. This divides the room into various levels in the room. Try your hand at using floor lamps, table lamps ; maybe even fairy lights strew on the floor under the sofa. To create a mood, go for a warm white or yellow light, with one maybe in the colour of the room.

Now that that’s done with, get people out of there and into the dining space. Make the table the brightest spot in the room. And this should not involve any shady business. Use a chandelier or a pendant above the table but the total wattage of the bulbs shouldn’t exceed 100w. Apart from this the other parts of the room should have indirect lighting —it’s relaxing and flattering. A subtle glow is in order and can be achieved with with a pair of small table lamps on a sideboard or matching sconces on the wall above. Try using Battery-powered votives inside a glass cabinet. Think candle stands are out? If you use them at varying heights the candle stands will surely stand out.

Aim for cozy. Place reading lamps that would be practical as well as help create the ambiance. If you have recessed or track fixtures, angle them away from the bed, toward the dressing area. Include a small, intimate lamp with a tinted low-wattage bulb to mimic candlelight on a low table. Make sure the lamps are such and placed at certain heights that the light does not hit your eyes directly, otherwise lighting fatigue will create a problem.

Bring more light to certain spots, like a great vignette or favorite objects. Not in a way to show off but more because it deserves attention and the lighting can bring out the best about it.

That feeling you get in a bright, shadow-less conference rooms? That’s called lighting fatigue. And staying away from it is easy. Just keep different parts of a room at different brightness levels.

In the bathroom, a perfect light scheme includes lights above and on both sides of the mirror to help fill in shadows.

Cheap trick-

The cheapest, quickest fix for great lighting at home? Changing all of your switches to dimmers.

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