Make the Big Fat Announcement in Style: Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Location in and around Delhi

There are multiple options available in Delhi-NCR to shoot your pre-wedding pictures. Well, there are historical monuments, fancy hotels and grandiose gardens. But, the confusion only increases when you set out to select the best destination to capture your romantic new beginnings.


Since, the occasion is big, the announcement should be made truly in style with images that should speak for themselves. So, here is a list of destinations that would help you make the right choices:

  1. Agrasen Ki Baoli, Hailey Road: Located right at the heart of Delhi, the protected monument is undoubtedly an unusual spot for getting your pre-wedding pictures clicked. But, the exquisite locale is nothing but any photographer’s delight. If you haven’t visited it ever, then you might have seen it in Amir Khan-starrer PK.

The structure which is believed to have been built by King Agrasen for his subjects during the Mahabharat epic era comprises of intricate carvings and pigeons freely fly around, adding a unique charm. There are three levels with resting place and the center of the well has water. Visitors dot the baoli in the afternoons and evenings. So, the best time to visit the site for a picture session is early morning. This is very close to Connaught Place, therefore, reaching the destination would not be a problem.

  1. Mud Fort, Kuchesar: The magnificent building provides the perfect backdrop and the birds chirp early in the morning, flocking around the vicinity. The destination, a two-hour drive from the national capital, throws an array of options from a sporting range to wide open fields surrounded by mangroves to be used for clicking the pictures.

Also known as Rao Raj Vilas, the 18th-century fort is a heritage resort formed by restoring a section of Ajit Singh’s family’s ancestral property belonging to former princely state, Kuchesar. It is managed by Neemrana Hotels. So, don’t forget to do the booking before heading to the destination.

Well, travelling for two hours might not sound very interesting, but the royal tinge that this heritage hotel provides to your pre-wedding pictures might make it the perfect choice. And all your friends will keep guessing!

  1. Zafar Mahal, Mehrauli: It is one of the last architectural marvels that the Mughal emperors created when their era was dawning. Originally, built as a summer palace, Zafar Mahal is in ruins now. Some of the walls remain, while most of it is broken. If you desire to bring that old world charm to your pictures without travelling much, then there cannot be a better option than Zafar Mahal.

It is set close to the shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki in the lanes of Mehrauli village. School-going children frequent this area to play cricket, otherwise the monument wears a deserted look. With your cameraman, visit the area for a pleasant photo shoot whenever you find time!

  1. Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar: Udapiur which is considered to be one of the most romantic locations of the country is quite far from Delhi. But, there is not a reason to worry as Neemrana Fort Palace provides the visual treat which is very similar to the lake city. So, you can simply travel for two hours for a photo shoot session if you want Udaipur-like feel.

The fort, located in a mountainous terrain makes for a picturesque visual treat as the splendid greenery sandwiches the glorious architectural structure. If you are an adventure-loving couple and want a few snaps highlighting your dare-devil side, then this is your perfect pick as there are options to try adventure sports like flying fox here. Just make sure that you pre-book before heading to the destination.

  1. Rajon ki Baoli, Mehrauli: It is another hidden gem nestled in Mehrauli. The scenic beauty of the place is doubled by the fragmented tombs and tress that encircle it. Area-wise, the step well is bigger than Agrasen ki Baoli and bustles with clean air and is devoid of the city noise.

What makes this place stand out is the fact that it provides both the regal touch and green outline which is missing from many of the locations available in the city. You can head to Mehrauli for getting clicked anytime between sunrise and sunset. But, avoid going during the peak hours like 9 am-10 am and 5 pm-7 pm because you might get stuck in traffic.

Featured image courtesy : Avnish Dhoundiyal

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