Margaritas and Sombreros – Feelin’ the groove at Arriba

In the same lane that houses Tabula Beach, a hot Mexican grill and Tequileria named Arriba is making waves. It is a pocket of peculiarities; the staff wears Mexican motif shirts the cushion covers too have Mexican prints on them. We got here at 7:30 PM and chose to sit outside, where they have placed plenty of coolers to keep you comfortable in the heat. Their bar is also outside and makes for a very good visual treat. It is the only bar in Delhi where you’ll find so many bottles of tequila and that too of all kinds.

arriba 1

Our server’s moustache and soul spot did make him look like he’d come straight down from Mexico City to serve us. And he did know his stuff really well. The menu itself needs to be mentioned here as it is a pure work of art, with psychedelic illustrations of flamingos, pyramids and sombreros.  If only they gave real sombreros to wear while you sipped on the drinks! As it was a bit early to eat and no so early to drink we went ahead to look at the bar menu and wow, this thing is full of margaritas. Classic margaritas, special margaritas, margarita pitchers and other cocktails with a margarita twist.

arriba 2

Our first ones were mango chili margarita and Heaven on earth which is their tequila crafted cocktail with blueberry, lavender, green tea, mint and gondhoraj. Both came in quick and were really tempting to look at. The Heaven on Earth came in a martini like glass, minus the step and was purple in colour. One sip of each made us feel thankful for coming here. The Mango Chili margarita was a perfect blend of mango and chili, with just a tiny hint of tequila. The flavours were so paired that they really cut the taste of tequila, some might not like it but the cocktails tasted delicious. Heaven on earth had all the complex tastes coming through and you could really feel the gondhoraj and green tea base. It smelled like something you’d take a bath with. The best thing about the margaritas is that the rim of the glass is coated with a matching salt, so the Mango chili had a mango chili salt rim which really added to the flavour of the drink. It didn’t take too long to finish these.

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Next we got a repeat of the Mango Chili(it was that good) and a Pineapple-Ginger-Jalapeno special margarita. The one came in a short glass and was really refreshing. It had bolder flavours than heaven on earth and the tequila had a good amount of bite in this one. Along with that we ordered some chips and dips. It was a platter of some 6-7 dips (salsas), smoked tomato was our favourite among, green tomato, regular salsa, mango chili salsa, jalapeno salsa and a whole bowl of fresh guacamole. The chips weren’t enough to finish off even half the dips so we just had the dips anyway. The music had now set in and we were getting quite comfortable with the place which is when people started coming in and the place got lively. This is when we got free shots from the server and couldn’t be happier. It turned out to be one of the best tequilas we’d tasted and soon we were more tipsy than we expected to get. We weren’t left with much time or appetite so couldn’t try out the food menu much but that will be on our list for the next visit.

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Get yourself a table reserved if it is a weekend and get ready for a easy going tequila affair. Although you can do everything, we’d say you should either do just drinks with snacks or food with maybe a drink to wash it down. Everything here has chilli, so be prepared for that. Maybe we’ll bump into each other there, until then adios.

Where: Tabula Road, Siri Fort Institutional Area, Khel Gaon, New Delhi

Cost for 2: Rs 2500

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