Meaningful Japanese with Mangaful Cafe

There are more than expected Japanese restaurants and cafes in Delhi, now more than ever. And if you go around looking you’ll find more each day. The best part about Japanese outlets is that everything is weird and most of the stuff is left up to guesswork. No one knows how to communicate and yet everything is super fascinating. Leave a geek in a Japanese store and he’d like to touch and try everything. And we’re not even talking about the crazy weird fetishes the Japs are into.

But there is one such Japanese cafe that is sure to give you a nerdgasm. It’s called Mangaful Cafe and yes it has tons of manga comics inside. Around 1800 if you must want to know how many. And you can read them, rent them or just go there and have some food. They have a small range of food items are are mostly basic dishes. All the food here is not Japanese. You can get pasta and sandwiches if you’re the kinds who comes to a manga cafe and does not like to experiment. But if you’re the normal kinds then they do have bulgogi udon and teriyaki chicken udon, octopus balls, rice cakes, all kinds of pancakes and ramen to gorge on.

We tried their hashed beef and rice. It was simple and authentic. They don’t serve very large meals and even though the stuff you get here is mostly fast food the Japanese consider it healthy/healthier than usual Indian stuff. One of the best things about the place is that you can pay to use it on an hourly basis. And that cost includes free drinks. Yup. All beverages here are free because you in anycase pay up to use the facilities, like reading the comics and the wifi.The cafe is divided into two sections, a quiet room for serious manga reading and the general area where you can ;talk about your favourite manga characters, writers, artists etc. They also stock t-shirts, stationery for sale.

It might seem unlikely but they have a strong number of patrons, mostly young adults and their community is strong. They organize meet ups, sales and cosplay events where a lot of effort is put into make elaborate costumes by both boys and girls. So in a way it is like a private comic con right here in Sultanpur. You can also apply for membership which will cut down the rental costs. Finding the cafe can be tricky. Just go around Yasu Crafts near Sultanpur metro station. Once you are behind it you should be able to spot the cafe.

It’s time you embrace the odd yet amazing Japanese in you and get to the cafe soon. Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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