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Restaurants in Delhi are getting innovative by the day. But burger joints not so much. This is where the all new Bun Intended comes in. With a name such as theirs, it’s only a matter of time that you’d pick up the phone and order some delicious gourmet burgers. I mean, who doesn’t like puns and then who doesn’t like puns about puns (which are actually buns). Delivering decadent burgers in the middle of the night, Bun Intended gives a whole new meaning to Sir Mix-a-lot’s lyrical genius. They say it themselves, “Big buns, small buns, doesn’t matter. We’ve got it all.” And true to their word, they do believe in giving you a world of flavours between two buns. To be precise it’s about 20 different veg and non-veg burgers, ranging from chicken, pork, duck, fish, prawn, buff and vegetarian.

When we heard of this joint, our first reaction was to open up Zomato and get ordering. But we got stuck on their first page, which is the build your own burger. As fascinating as it seemed, our prior experience with such arrangements had not been great and we wanted the experts to give us their best.
Out order took some time to get to us, a good 1.5 hours that is. Which isn’t so bad for a late night delivery joint. And the burgers then took way less time to disappear. Packaged well in brown cardboard boxes the burgers come branded with “Bun Intended” on them, adding to the personal charm. Along with the butter paper wrapped burger we got Cajun fries and garlic mayo. We ordered the Oinkster, being an old favourite. It’s one of those burgers you can’t really go wrong with but how right can you go, we learnt from Bun Intended. The hot bacon aioli that laces the burger makes it really hard to not keep chomping it down. The mouthwatering pork patty is delicately grilled with JD sauce and packs the smoky punch of well, mouthwatering pork pepperoni inside. We’d recommend you leave the fries alone to sit in their misery and think about how unremarkable they are in front of this wonder of a burger. You can go back to them later like a lover in an abusive relationship (you dirty hog).

And then there’s the Dizzy Duck. A pulled duck burger with cranberry sauce and bacon and emmenthal cheese and other stuff which we don’t’ care about. This burger is like flab in the middle of buns. Yes. It is downright grease and is something that doesn’t need a milkshake to wash down, but you might as well order one of those, might we recommend the Peanut Butter-Nutella. It is heavy but the good kind, the kind you’ll need when you’re too drunk to function and are about to leave your body in that state till someone takes pity on you and feeds you something the next morning. The duck is both crispy and tender, the bacon is the kick and the cranberry sauce makes everything come together beautifully with a mild and comforting sweetness.

After this we weren’t left with much space in our tummies. The burgers are huge and we ordered the regular size. They also serve an XL version, god only knows for whom. But yeah, we did have some pork and duck baos on the side, and munched on them when taking breaks from the burgers. The baos are light and fluffy and the meat, succulent. The duck bao was close to the one at Fatty Bao minus the Asian touch. The crackling pork belly bao was a clear winner. We’d probably order more of those and minus a burger next time. So we’re sure to order these little (big) babies every time we go out on a bender (read four nights a week), be sure to order and taste the glorious blend of meat, sauce and cheese within buns from Bun Intended.

Phone– +91 9811028175 and +91 9811029175

Cost for 2– Rs 850

bun intended 1

bun intended 2

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