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There’s a rooftop in Noida where something’s cooking and The Rock or those living under a rock have no idea about. Meherwan Bawa and his sister Mehma passion lies in slow cooking meats since and there came a point when they put their ideas to fruition to create something special. Artisan Meats is the only name that gives you homemade meat products that you won’t find anywhere. The recipes have been tested for months before being zeroed on. Their regular menu consists of pork and chicken sausages, smoked chorizo, pancetta, whole smoked chicken, bacon jam and onion jam. Onion Jam being the only vegetarian product they make and it is loaded with red wine. Meherwan cooks some of the stuff over weeks and then puts it up for sale. For example, a batch of Chorizo takes weeks to cure and prepare and then is finally smoked on the roof top. These are then good to be delivered all over NCR.


But how did it all come together? It happened when Meherwan was holidaying in Hampi after quitting his job as a sous chef at popular restaurants in the city and abroad. He trained in Italy and mastered Italian cooking, also working under a Michelin star chef. He visited chefs who had their own curing rooms and that is what made him believe that this is what he was meant to do. “We thought about it for a couple of days and one day just decided to order the machines. They got shipped to us from Italy a month later and voila! Artisan Meats was set up. On the first day we literally started with a 100KG of chicken and a 100KG of pork from our home kitchen and started experimenting with the different flavours and mixes,” says Mehma.


Talking about the need to start AM Mehma says, “We wanted to fill in the gap in the market with products of international standards but at a lower price than what you would pay for the imported kind. Also, we wanted to supply fresh, preservative free, butcher style products. We soon realised that people in Delhi are craving for these kind of products and accepted us quickly.”

Apart from this, Meherwan is a food/service consultant and Mehma is currently doing the Teach for India fellowship. They make small batches of products and put them up for sale on their page. You can call in anytime and check on what they have to sell at the time. They have different stuff on offer at different times and a particular product is made only when the current stock sells out. They don’t store their products for long. The best part is that you can also make a special request for a particular product and then get it when it’s done. The wait is always worth it.


All sausages at Artisan Meats are preservative free and 100% meat with no innards. Even the casing used is all natural whereas most sausages found on shelves have other fillers like soya, a ton of emulsifiers etc. They strive to stick to the tradition of old style cooking where preservation happens mostly through fat and salt. “We have built a kitchen on our terrace for Artisan Meats. It’s a fully loaded kitchen with our fridges, freezers etc where we store our meat. We immediately vacuum pack all raw and finished products to minimize any chances of bacteria. None of our meat is lying open in our fridges/freezers. Yes, it is completely run out of our home,” the brother-sister duo tell us.

We tried their smoked chorizo and bacon jam. The Chorizos exuded the magic of Meherwan’s custom built smoker. They were meaty, juicy and packed a lot of flavour. Not to mention they were huge.  The bacon jam had a nice balance of sweet and salt.We finished a bottle in 2 days.


Get your own share of meaty goodness from Artisan Meats and tell us what you think. Check their page here.

Get in touch with them at 096500 64343.

Prices start at Rs 250/300 gms of chicken sausage , chorizo is priced at Rs 600/500 gms and Bacon jam is Rs 450/jar.

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