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Men’s have been losers for a long time. No not losers in the way that women like to call them but mostly because they’ve always missed out on what they need to stand out the most; accessories. Whether it is suit accessories or just a nice pair of sock, men haven’t really found them or the right kind. Not anymore. With the new age man has come about a range of new age brands that are belting out cool and sassy accessories for men. Check them out here


Think Brogues and Sneakers all at once and you get something called Somerso. Yes black leather shoes with white rubber sole. You might want to wear them to office but then head to a date and then end up at a party later. You won’t take them off. And that’s what the shoes from Damerrino bring you. Dameriino, Italian for a fashionable dressed man (~ dandy), lays emphasis on the need for fashionable. Founded in 2014, is a labour of love for the artistry of handcrafted leather shoes. At the core of this love is a tremendous focus on material, design, and functionality. They’ve got it all, brogues, oxfords, loafers, sneakers. But these shoes don’t match one particular purpose. You could wear them anywhere and not be stereotyped as a corporate or a hipster (unless that’s what you want). They’re shoes the sweet spot between casual and formal. Shop online here.



The Tie Hub

The tie hub is a one stop shop for all your basic formal accessories. Whether it is a tie you want to match with your suit or a cufflink that goes with a theme of a party, you’re sure to find it here. A site dedicated to men’s accessories, The Tie Hub doesn’t cut corners (but maybe some sharp ones). You’ll be treated to crisp ties with prints, patterns and even materials that would be lost in a real tie shop. They have skinny ties, neck ties, bow ties, cravats, scarves and these are just the things you put around your neck. They also have cufflinks, tie pins, lapel pins, pocket squares. Basically the tie hub is a place where you would go to when it’s time to restock everything that goes on your formal clothes. And all this, at uncompromised quality and unlimited choice. Shop online here .




“Our passion for craftsmanship has led us to create exclusive pieces that are treasured by all who own them,” is what AZGA sought to do. Not only do they do it they stand apart from the rest because it is a men’s accessories label run by TWO WOMEN whose attention to detail and years of passion towards design has worked wonders. Their designs are modern and contemporary but will last the test of time. They have all kinds of designs to all kinds of accessories. From quirky to irreverent, elegant to distinguished. One thing that you can see in AZGA is that everything is made to look stylish. Even a quirky pair of cufflinks won’t make them not fit in or pop out too much. Their colour palette is soft and neutral which can be matched with most other colours. To take things further AZGA also lets you get your piece customized, say a little letter here or maybe a shade different and they’ll be pleased to do it for you. Shop online here.




Brandless might sound like an anti-establishment, socialist ration depot but it is far from that. Sure ,they like breaking rules and are definitely not the label touting brand that you mostly see in the malls, but they basically make really good bags. And men’s bags. Not backpacks and fanny packs but real bags, like messengers, clutches, postman, box bags and backpacks too but not your ordinary stuff. They make them with leather and suede. Tan, black and white and striped and frayed. Their bags have minimal stitches, means more single pieces of leather and more style plus quality. These bags are something you wouldn’t just take out when going for a trek but sure when you’re traveling to a different city or office. They ooze quality and class. This is the real deal. Shop online here.




A peeled banana on your shirt cuff? Yesss! Because that’s suggestive, cool and very well made. Philocaly does a mix of suave and sophisticated but do not fear doing the quirk either. You can dress all formal you want and then add just a hint of fun to disrupt that meeting or party or whatever. Essentially a bespoke menswear store their accessories are a class apart. Scooter Cufflinks, Star Wars ties and surreal waterpaint pocket squares, you could just about pick them all up and then start making a cabinet just to hold them in place for you for that time when you might need them. Or you could just wear them every day, there’s just no escaping.

Where: 50, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi. Shop online here


Singh Styled

When head of marketing for a finance firm, Charanjeev Singh saw that the Sikhs didn’t have a style statement that was coming from the one distinguished piece of attire that is the turban, he sought to make a change. With most Sikh men staying on the safe side of things with plain jane black or blue turbans, Charanjeev pushed the boundaries and brought about a revolution called Singh Styled in 2015.
Now you can get turbans in orange, aqua, fuchsia, whatever’s on your head or you’d like to see. These aren’t even expensive with the starting price of Rs 240. Along with turbans you also get a host of beard grooming and maintenance products, from wax, washes to conditioners all set at reasonable prices doing with Cimco/fixo could never do. The online platform also guides Sikh across the globe on the most trending turban colours so they don’t have to do the guesswork and stay on top of the style game among their peers, Sikh or not.
They also have subscriptions to keep your supplies as top notch as your beard and turban and so you never run out of the good stuff that makes your beard look Singh Styled. Shop online here.

singh styled 1Go Spiff

The go to gig that you can’t turn your eyes away from but just cover with, Go Spiff makes everything look cool with its range of vintage sunglasses and more. You’d have seen them at the very many music festivals, pop-up fests and such across NCR from time to time. Their glasses are carefully curated and sourced and each piece has a personality which it lends to yours. There are turtle shell booty calls, block by block- the square handcrafted acrylic frames from the 60s, round lensed gandhis. All of their frames can be either bought with prescription lens or dark glass making every piece either spectacles or sunglasses. Go Spiff ships all over the country and makes every deal sweeter by giving away the childhood favourite Phantom sugar cigarettes. Check out their Steamfunks, which are full chrome frames with exposed springs and dust guards that are any steampunk’s dream glasses.Apart from just glasses they also have vintage matchbox holders, typewriters, rings and other curios that are must haves to add that vintage charm to your everyday style.Find them here .



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