Metro Travel Made a Breeze

Travelling in a metro can be a daunting task but it becomes essential to most of us as going to the office and back is fastest through the metro. Yet these overcrowded modes of transport can be harrowing for a lot of us. Just the thought of getting inside a metro can put anyone off the idea completely. I’ve personally skipped work a few times because I just didn’t feel like shoving myself between so many people. Well over the course of a few years I learnt a few things and here they are for you.

  1. Get in the last coach of an 8 coach metro. It is the least crowded. Most people tend to get in the centre and front coaches, leaving the last coach fairly empty. If not that then get into the coach right after the ladies’ coach, not to stand around the vestibule and ogle at the women but because it is also not as crowded and yes a little better smelling than the rest.
  1. If you’re a regular then it is easy to mark areas on the platform where the doors open. If you have a favourite coach and door then just note where it opens and that’s where it will open each time. All you have to do then is stand at the same point and wait for your door to come right in front of you. This makes all the running around unnecessary and increases your chances of getting a seat.
  1. Anyone who travels using the metro knows the advantage of having a metro travel card. But getting it recharged can be an unpleasant surprise. The recharge machines don’t work, the counters have a long line and there is always dearth of change. But there’s a simple solution to this. Paytm. The mobile recharge app has recently introduced the facility of recharging your metro card through it. And it is very simple and convenient.
  1. Take some time out and get off at Patel Chowk Station to check out the Delhi Metro Rail Museum. They have incredible pictures, equipment and parts that show how grand an affair it has been making the Delhi Metro a commuting wonder that it is today.
  1. Shuffling stations and metros-
    When you are at Rajiv chowk or Kashmiri gate and there is way too much rush, you can simply hack your way into a less crowded metro. Just get into the metro opposite the one you want to get into, reach the previous station and get on to your metro there. At the previous station the metro is less crowded and people will get off at Rajiv Chowk or Kashmiri gate, leaving you alone with many empty seats.
    When work near a station from where the metro starts, say IFFCO chowk or MG Road, go to HUDA city Centre instead. The metro starts from there and that means it will be completely empty. Just waltz your way in and grab a seat.
  1. If you really love listening to music on your earphone in the metro but don’t want to risk missing the announcement of your station, stand in front of an LED ticker sign. This way you can keep a check of the station using your eyes, while your ears do what they do best.
  1. Take the stairs. They can get you up or down faster and are definitely healthier.
  1. While getting in and out of the metro, don’t keep your headphones plugged in. The cord can get pulled in the rush and you might be left with no phone in no time.
  1. Hanging your bag in front could help you and those around you. When it is on your back you don’t know who’s face it is getting into and causes in convenience. Also doing this helps you prevent any unwanted groin to ass action.
  1. If you stand facing the windows and spread your legs a little, you won’t need to hold on to anything as you can balance well when the metro stops and starts. It also helps you enjoy the ride looking out of the window when the metro is above ground.
  1. Use a sanitizer when you’re done with your journey. Give you seat to women and elders when needed. There are security guards all around the stations and on the metro. In case of any emergency or anyone acting in a foul manner do not hesitate to approach the security. You can also get to pet their sniffer dogs.

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