NCR’s Best Pickle Picks

Our oldest memories are inscribed by some trace of pickles here or there. Home-made pickles are ingrained in the Indian culture. No meal is complete without pickles whether it’s north, west, east or south India. The countless rows of mango, lemon, chilli, garlic and veggies of all sort left to dry on the terrace that would later be collected and blended into a spiced-up mix that your grandmother or mother would make with passion of a real chef. There is no doubt about how much we loved those home-made pickles until and unless one never liked pickles ever. One gotta have access to the best pickles in NCR and that is what we got here for you today.

1. Goosebumps


If you were to taste nostalgia, have you wondered what would it taste like? Well, Goosebumps truly tastes a lot like that. After starting out in 2012, Goosebumps has not only won a lot of food awards but also the heart of their customers who have been loyal to them ever since. Goosebumps are strictly hand-made and definitely vegetarian.  From chickpeas to mango, gol keri and Chunda — their pickles are beyond impressive and all their ingedients are quality-checked before sourcing.

Where: Shop here

Contact: +91 93216 96999 | | Facebook

Price: Starting at Rs 325

2. Himalayan Haat


This small-scale initiative has been taken to help generate an income for women in the villages of Uttarakhand. Imagine the kind of method these women follow to get you the pickle of your dream. They hand pick the ingredients from the local farms and orchards and make the pickles at home. Not only that, you can also source some woolens, jams and jellies and herbs from these women. The only we are saying is that their products seem to have been made with a lot of love and you probably need it.

Where: Shop online

Contact: +91 99990 96863 | | Facebook

Price: Starting at Rs 200

3.  Pickles and More


When you mix mommy’s love with apples, baingan, mushroom, aloo mattar blended immaculately with handpicked spices and other ingredients — you get Pickles and More.  A mother of two, , has been making chutneys, pickles, jams and jellies of all kinds of fruits and veggies for the past 30. All their 54 varieties of pickle will blow you away for the taste, flavour, texture and the ingredients they are made with. They only use natural preservatives.

Where: 3-C Pocket-B Sidhartha Extension, New Delhi or Shop here

Contact: +91 98733 43637 | Facebook

Price: Starting at Rs 250

4. Pickles by PCpickles-by-pc

Are you a hard-core non-vegetarian while also being a pickle lover? You’re in the right place at the right time and this is the best day of your life because you’ve finally found Pickles by PC. Mutton, pork, chicken, prawn and beer based pickles made with home-ground spices are going to blow your mind away. Their vegetarian pickles made in lime, mango, garlic, and chilli along with tomato, onions and bamboo shoot are no less.

Where: Shop on Facebook

Contact: +91 9811308565 | | Facebook

Price: Starting at Rs 950

5. Lyall Farm Store


If hygiene, health and eco-friendly nature of the product is your first and foremost requirement, then Lyall Farm Store is the pickle pick for you. Their products are handcrafted by women, farmers & artisans and are sourced directly from them and have absolutely no artificial additives. Their “people-friendly and earth-friendly” pickles range from karonda to mango, drumstick, mixed veg, lime and haldi.

Where: Shop here

Contact: +91 98788 67745 | | Facebook

Price: Starting at Rs 140

6. The Little Farm Co.


This is a classic case of an MBA graduate realising that making pickles is what they really want to do in their lives. That is how The Little Farm Co. was born. From Red Chilli Stuffed

to Green Chilli, Mandarin Orange, Gum Berry, Lemon South Indian, Mango and Jalapeño — they are experimenting with a lot of flavours and textures and portray an interesting mix each time.

Where: S-6/9 DLF Phase-3, Gurgaon or shop on Facebook

Contact: +91 99107 72088 | | Facebook

Price: Starting at Rs 150

7. Organica


You have probably heard of Organica. They started out three years ago with the thought of providing pure, healthy, eco-friendly food products because sourcing raw, organic ingredient has always been a daunting task for people who desire to enjoy these product at the comfort of their homes. Their USDA organic certified pickles include mango, chilli, lime, mix-veg and carrot pickles among other, all made in olive oil. Their taste and flavours are consistent which makes them a reliable source of good pickles.

Where: Shop here

Contact: +91 87440 44560 | | Facebook

Price: Starting at Rs 99

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