New To Delhi? Setting Up Your New Home? We’ve Got Your Back!

“What on earth were you thinking? Moving to a new city? Abandoning the safety and calm of your own house, the softness of the quilt of your own bed? How is any other bed even remotely capable of replacing the comfort of your bed? What about your favourite Chinese outlet around the corner you by-hearted the menu of? What happens to all the pretty stuff you decorated your room with through years of perseverance and pure love? You don’t even remember how to befriend people anymore. Why….” — This is an uncut, unedited excerpt from a diary entry I made in my journal 9 months ago.

Newcomers to Delhi have a lot to contend with. Getting settled in a new city can always be a little nerve-racking. Let me correct my previous statement — Getting settled in a new city feels close to a nervous breakdown. But trust me, the dust shall settle soon. This can be a daunting but exhilarating life change.

Amidst spotting the nearest grocery store, making new friends, establishing your space at the new office, and trying to grasp the way to your new house — sprucing up your space that you can call home doesn’t have to be as intimidating as the idea of it might seem like.

For starters, let’s talk about furniture. Setting up a space with the right furniture is a very important first step. It’ll bring back order in your life and make everything look more organised. Here are a few places you can find beautiful yet cheap furniture.

  1. Kirti Nagar Market

kirti nagar

This market is equipped with just about everything that one could possibly need to set up their new house. From kitchen accessories to beds, beautiful wallpaper, sofa chairs, custom made furniture, and mattresses in all ranges. The best part is the very reasonable rate at which you may buy all of this fancy stuff.

Nearest Metro Station: Kirti Nagar

  1. Amar Colony Market

amar colony

This is an expensive version of Kirti Nagar owing to the antique feel imparted to all kinds of furniture pieces that you can possibly imagine. Think baroque styled full-length mirrors, rustic cabinets, traditional designs on tables, cane stools, bar counter tables, king size beds and colourful almirahs – all designed to perfection. You may, also, get custom made furniture with the design of your choice.

Nearest Metro Station: Kailash Colony

  1. Ghitorni

If you’re looking for decoration pieces like lampshades, chandeliers, sculptures and statues along with good quality furniture ranging from antique, traditional, contemporary, rustic and mediterranean styles, this is the place for you. You’ll find a string of warehouses and showrooms with a stockpile of all kinds of furniture pieces. It is a one stop destination for everything you’d need to transform your quarter into a home.

Nearest Metro Station: M G Road

  1. Munirka Furniture Market


Nestling in South Delhi, Munirka market is the hub beautiful variety of furniture and if you have attained a degree at bargaining, you’re ought to strike the best deals here. It offers a range of good quality household furniture like beds, sofa sets, chairs, bookshelves, cabinets, almirahs, stools, dining tables, TV trolleys, computer tables and whatever your desire demands for. You’ll find colourful designs and varied sizes. They, also, offer different kinds of woods according to your budget.

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

  1. Jail Road

jail road

This market is another treasure box for affordable furniture seekers — fitting in everyone’s bill and showcasing a variety of furnishings and homeware about its 2.5 km stretch between Tilak nagar and Tihar jail. It hums the same tunes as Kirti nagar but cheaper.

Nearest Metro Station: Tilak Nagar

  1. Panchkuian Road


Making a buzz since the 1960’s, this is the oldest furniture market place in Delhi. You’d find a majestic display of antique and traditional furniture along with simple pieces on the side.

Nearest Metro Station: Ramakrishna Ashram Marg

Once you’ve got your furniture pieces structured harmoniously, it is time to get some linen to cover them up and bring some colour back into your life. If you’re looking for something cheap and fancy at the same time, the following places are a must visit.

  1. Sarojini Nagar

sarojini nagar

This market isn’t merely popular for it’s fashionable enterprises but also for a vivid variety of linen. From curtains to cushions, cushion covers, bedsheets, bed covers, rugs and carpets — they have a spectrum of colourful, good quality and cheap linen to transform your new apartment into a home, sweet home. You’ll also find lamps, wall hanging, swings, candle holder and other fancy stuff for very affordable prices.

Nearest Metro Station: INA

  1. Paharganj


If you’re a hippie at heart, you’d absolutely love this place. It has everything that Sarojini nagar has to offer but just a little more graphic and colourful to jazz up your room and add a pop of colour to it. Not just that, you’d also find beautiful sculptures being sold on a thela that add multifold dimension to your space.

Nearest Metro Station: New Delhi

  1. Lajpat Nagar Market

lajpat nagar

This place is a household dream. From small furniture pieces to cushions in all sizes, bedcovers, bedsheets, mattresses, cutlery, curtains, wall hangings, mirrors, plastic chairs, bathroom linen and the list goes on. This market won’t disappoint you in any way, take our word for it!

Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar

  1. Chandni Chowk

chandni chowk

Located close to the Old Delhi Railway Station, this bazaar embodies a old-world charisma that everyone seems to have fallen in love with. Imbibing the charm of the place, there are furniture stores and shops selling all classes of household items in this maze of a wonderland. We are definitely in for all the surprises it has to offer, are you?

Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk

It is imperative to deck up your house with certain basic household items like cutlery, cockery, kitchenware, ironing boards, house cleaning supplies like mops, detergents, and all type of sundry goods. Listed below are a few markets that you could check out for the same.

  1. Sadar Bazaar

This quintessential market harbours every category of homeware and items of everyday use that you’ll find decked up in wholesale shops spread throughout. From crockery to house cleaning supplies for ridiculously low prices owing to its many retail outlets — sounds like a plan or what?

Nearest Metro Station: Pul Bangash

  1. Karol Bagh Market

karol bagh

This is a very popular market for all kinds of sundry household goods. From high-end furniture stores to local furniture dealers — you could easily spot the piece of your style. Curtains, bathroom linen, upholstery cloth, pretty cushion covers, bedsheets — this is the place to go in case you’re looking out to stack up your house with pretty stuff with minor details perfected to your liking.

Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh

Apart from the places listed above, you could also check out Khan Market, malls in Saket, Gurgaon, Vasant Kunj, Noida, and Rajouri Garden. Special mention to FabIndia, Anokhi and Dilli Haat.

For decoration you’d be able to find a lot of stuff of your fancy at the places listed above, but if you’re in the mood to splurge and give your space an edgier and quirkier look, you need to check these home decor stores out, now.

Also, just in case you’re planning a housewarming party, this should help you out with that.

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