No dinner plans? Get on a boat!

Tuna Kimbap? Bahn mi? If you thought this stuff was only to be found in the dingy lanes of Paharganj then fret not, it call all come to your home if you live in Gurgaon. And not just this think of all kinds of Korean, Japanese and Tibetan cuisine and think of the name Bamboo Boat. This new take-away and delivery joint in Gurgaon has all your favourites that you’re only to find in fine dining restaurants like Guppy and En. We just had to give it a try and thank Gojuchang we did!

We ordered a wide variety of things, skipping the obvious and started with Tuna Kimbap and Spicy Crab Onigiri and skipped the momo bit because we got enough of those. Both were excellent, the Tuna Kimbap was fresh along with the strong taste of the seaweed wrap. It didn’t seem very fancy except for the perfectly sliced pieces. Then we had the Crab Onigiri and oh my god was it good. Light triangles of rice delicately stuffed with spicy crab meat and wrapped with seaweed. MMM MMM! We dipped them well in soy sauce and that hint of wasabi was the perfect mix of things in a mouth. We got over it only by the next thing, the Korean fried chicken and the pork miso soup. The fried chicken is one thing we’d seen so many cooking videos of that it was just impossible to order these. The pieces are well fried in batter and then tossed around in the most amazing glossy tangy and sweet sauce that give you a kick on the tongue. And then the juicy chicken surprises you again. It all looks really easy but there is a lot of perfection that goes into getting fried chicken right and the chefs here really know that little secret!

We call had a little bit of the soup. The soup bit was the best of all things in it. Of course the pork was great but it was really the magic in the broth that made the dish. There was a deep miso flavour and a good amount of shiitake umami, but not too over-powering as shiitakes tend to get. This was the best part about it as you could taste a lot of different things.

And with that we were done with the starters bit (yeah that was a lot) but then like they say, there’s always room for main course. We got the famous Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich and Pork Gyudon. For the Bahn Mi we mixed around a bit and got the Himalayan Pork sausage version. It was typically spicy and had a ton of fresh veggies. It was all put together in a light loaf and loaded with meat floss. It seemed fresh and easy to go down, unlike most meaty sandwiches. The deal wtih Bahn Mis is that they are a cross between Vietnamese and French cuisine and this is what gives it such a distinct taste.

The Pork Gyudon was the dish of the night. We skipped the Bibimbap (which we’ll try on the next order) for this and how it wasn’t missed. There wasn’t an overload of flavours which gives your tummy a tos the next day. It was just clean good meat cooked really well. The sauce was a mix of soy, vinegar and spices which we have no idea about but bring magic to the the tongue. This along with  the Daikon is also a treat to the mouth. They are sweet pickled radish and make for quick palette cleansers while you gobble down all that umami goodness. The rice being the usual sticky affair was a great balancer. We’ve had the same at other places but they way they do their Gyudon here is a class apart.

So that’s all the space we had but we’ll be sure to try the Bibimbap and the Ramen burgers a run the next time or you could check out Bamboo Boat and let us know below.

Where: Behind Supermart 2, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Nearest Metro Station: HUDA City Centre

Price: INR 600 for two

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