No Mess. Cold Press.

We’ve all moved on to having a lot of juice in our diets. Some of us like to include the leaner juices like carrot/orange or spinach/cucumber. But as long as you’re drinking out of a carto bought from a shelf consider it as though you’re not really drinking juice. It is mostly reconstituted fruit and if it says no sugar it probably means added fruit sugar which isn’t a great thing either. Thanks to the age old technique of cold press juicing that has gained popularity ever since 2013. As opposed to normal juicing methods these juices can only be stored for about 2-3 days but contain more nutrients and taste better/fresher. Delhi has seen a swarm of gigs that have taken to the idea and are making drinking a juice an experience in itself. Here are our top cold press juice brands.


Besides the cool pun in the name RawKing has a great way of going about the cold pressing. They’re idea is to create juice mixes that are meant for a certain kind of attitude in the body and make you feel a certain way. For example their juice called Ninja is all about being agile and fierce, ridding your body of all the baddies like free-radicals and toxins. It contains apple, carrot, red cabbage, beet, lemon and ginger. This is why they’ve named the juices in a way that conveys the effect. The names are Samurai, Gladiator, Olympian, Midas etc. Their cleanses are aimed at the kind of person you are. A standard cleanse has 9 bottles and nothing else. The advance cleanse is leaner and a semi cleanse that has 6 bottles and some sprouts.
Starts at Rs 149. One day cleanse Rs 1299.


antidote 2
With more emphasis on the basics and tying them up with some superfoods, Antidote has been making a big name in the cold press market. They have some spectacular packaging but what’s inside is even better. They give you day plans of various kinds of cleanses. Each can cost you upwards of Rs 850 and has a minimum of 4 juices. Carol Singh and Nadia Singh Bahl started Antidote in New Delhi in 2013 as their nutritionist mother introduced them to the idea of juicing fruits and vegetables. They believe in the motto “Don’t drown your indulgence. Drink your Antidote.” You also get the opportunity to customize your plan and create your own mixes. They take care if you are diabetic or have a heart condition. Read up on our detailed review here .
Priced at Rs 225 for juices and Rs 215 for vegan mylks.

Salad Days:

salad days
Pure, unadulterated and healthy liquids for your body. Their juices are a great way of cleansing your body from the inside and cut down on bloating and overcome lethargy. They make great use of superfoods and combine with yummy stuff to make the whole package just perfect. And that packing is just so simple that it makes you feel safe and have it all. Their juices are named on colours; black, white, green, orange, red, yellow, crimson. They contain some awesome stuff like activated charcoal, Kafir lime, raw honey, Himalayan salt etc.
Priced at Rs 119.


RawLeaf is another cold pressed offering that you need to get your hands on. The best part of their juices is that they not only contain no sugar and preservatives but no water as well. Yes, that’s 100% pure juice. They also offer an interesting mix of detox programs that lead you to a healthy life and lifestyle. They also focus on using superfoods targeted at improving a certain function or characteristic of the body.
Priced at Rs 140.Cleansing plans start at Rs 350.

Just Pressed:

just pressed
Just Pressed make perfect mixes of mind, body and spirit. They have flavours like active, bounce, pump, charge and are supposed to do exactly as the names suggest. They try and focus the juices to make things better for hair, skin, digestion, body or detox. The 9 flavours of juices can be combined to get the right mix your body needs. Apart from juices they also offer grains, fruit and nut mixes and gluten free muesli.
Priced between Rs 175 to Rs 275

THB(To be Healthy):

To be healthy have their own take on cold pressing and they’ve taken things up a notch. Their juices are pulpy. That not only makes the juice more filling but is a great way of getting in some much needed fibre into your diet. These are the kind of juices that you could actually drink all day and stay sharp without feeling hungry. They’re flavours revolve around the more relatable tastes such as pomegranate, pineapple, watermelon etc. They also have more exotic blends like celery-almond. Their cleanses have 6 bottles per day. A day long cleanse is about 700 bucks and promises to give you a break from the coke and chips that you stuff your face with while doing overtime in office.
Prices vary between Rs 120-140. Rs 700 for a 1 day cleanse.

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