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What started at Churchgate Social has spread out beyond four locations in Mumbai and two in Delhi till recently hitting the heart of India’s capital. The latest branch that took six months to execute needs you to take old-school-like stairs next to the Odeon Theatre—near the ice-paan serving shops next to Khan Chacha—at Connaught place.

This is the first social built around a theme. You realise that the old-school-like decor doesn’t end at stairs. The place—designed by Sahiba Singh—is brimming with elements inspired by old schools in Shimla and government offices. Since the launch on January 15, it has been serving the same menu as the sister outlets but can be expected to change with an addition of street food-inspired delicacies listed on a menu stung to a clipboard.

Social lets individuals and companies work from their space on invitation-basis and a low fee of Rs 5,000 a month—which is redeemable on food and drinks. The roof is half as high as the one in Hauz Khas but the lavish layout is retained. Huge couches, long school library benches, street-lamps style lightings hanging from the wall, shelves filled with books, a wall exclusively dedicated to trophies, a full sized skeleton like the ones you’d find in your biology lab, typewriters and vintage rotary dial telephones on the tables somehow manages to co-exist and make you feel just like they did in your parent’s office or classroom. The home science board outside the kitchen or principal’s room sign outside the back-office don’t come close to the amusement Adarsh Balak-like charts papering the bathroom walls and table tops invoke.

There are two balconies to look down upon Connaught Place visitors from — one has a swing and accessible from the bar area and the other smaller square at the workspace end. Both the parts have screens but the workspace doesn’t have speakers but music bleeds in from the dining area nevertheless. The bottom half of the walls that are red end at the stone floors just like they do in some old schools up north.

Unlike other Social Offline outlets, you’ll be served by hosts in school uniforms and the bucket cutlery holders will be replaced by a box made out of wooden scales but their breakfast trays, sharing plates, substantials and L.L.I.I.Ts taste equally good. Food and drinks at Social Offline focus on comfort. For the meat lovers, we recommend the Notorious Pig (a succulent blend of pork chops and barbeque sauce) and Posh Breakfast Tray (an all-day breakfast tray with eggs, bacon toast and beans). And if you plan to stay away from meat, the Shwarma Yo Mama (a plate of Mediterranean sides served with pita bread is the one neutral platter to get out of the tough task of making the order) and Awesamosa ( cheese-filled samosas) are a great match for anything you might be sipping. Avoid the fries topped with cheese because by the time you’re halfway through, the molten cheese is now solid with all the fries forming a lump around it. The L.L.I.I.T is available in quantities of ½ or 1 litre and base as cranberry, Red Bull or coke should have your alcoholic needs for the night covered, but in case you don’t like mixing your drinks, order a Social Quarter — ¼ bottle of the spirit of your choice.

Odeon Social will be followed by a Social in Nehru Place and Gurgaon in the coming months.

Where: 23, 1st Floor, Odeon Building, Radial 5, D Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Rajeev Chowk

Timings: 10 AM to 12:30 AM

Price for two: Rs. 1,500 with alcohol

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