Ride and Relish with Delhi Bikers’ Breakfast Run

If you are the kinds who got a bike thinking and dreaming of going on long rides or the kinds who used to go on long tours away from the city but now cannot, here’s just the thing for you. The Delhi Bikers’ Breakfast Run that started in a similar fashion when founder and passionate biker Joshua John figured that having a family meant sacrificing on the long rides that he was once accustomed to. The DBBR is a group of people who meet on a certain Saturday of the month and ride out to the outskirts or nearby places in search of a Dhaba or restaurant that has been pre-decided to get a nice large breakfast and the turn back home.

The idea is simple and probably that’s the key to its success. Back in 2009 when the first DBBR happened it saw a shocking 40 exciting participants ready to ride and the number has only grown. Their facebook group has about 5000 members and a lot of them are active participants. Food and riding a bike seems to ring a bell among a lot of Delhites. But the best part about DBBR is that it all gets over within a couple of hours. They usually meet between 5-6 AM at a popular location in Delhi, say CP. Meet and greet everyone and set out. Some come with their kids and some with wives and girlfriends. The ride is a comfortable one, with no intention to out-pace one another. They lay emphasis on safety and no one without the right gear or license is allowed to take part or partake if you will. They have ride marshals that monitor the ride from the front and back of the line of riders keeping them in check and also looking out for any traffic anomalies.

Reaching the destination they get down and dirty with the food, which usually is a big spread of dhaba classics like paranthas, lassi, chole bhature and the likes. Getting back to Delhi by 11 AM means you’re left with the whole day to yourself and the ride doesn’t leave you tired and beat down. Their motto is Ride. Respect. Relax and that’s exactly what everyone who participates in the ride does. There’s no fee involved, all you have to pay for is your own expenses of fuel and food.

Follow them on facebook here and to stay up to date with the upcoming rides join their facebook group here. And the next one they do, get on your bike and set out for a nice fresh breakfast run.

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