There isn’t a moment that our lives are not in need of some humour.  A stand up comic understands this in a way that most of us don’t even know. They seem to have realized the need for comedy more than the structure or formulae of it which makes it so that they can crack up a joke on almost anything that can come to mind. And this art is thriving in and around Delhi more than ever. Here’s a list of places you can catch some laughs at

Summerhouse Cafe

Super popular bar at Aurobindo market also does comedy. A little known for it Summerhouse sees a good amount of people coming in every tuesday to get their prescribed fits of laughter. There are a few regulars and some unexpected new stand up artists you can find here. A very laid back atmosphere where people laugh only when things are actually funny.

Matchbox Cafe

Matchbox is located in one of the lanes of Hauz Khas Village but unlike its most nights where they play loud contemporary rock or dance music there are nights off and on where the giggles take over. Theirs is a well organized affair with proper time slots and preregistered artists. The crowd is very supportive but surprisingly all are not there for the comedy. Most of them are caught by surprise as they’d just come in for a drink.

Canvas Laugh Club
A whole team of people working together to make comedy happen in good amounts on a regular basis? What else could your funny bone ask for. Their events take place every thursday at Manhattan Brewery & Bar Exchange. They have an updated line-up of artists listed on their Facebook page and keep things as fresh as possible with artists flying down from other parts of the country and sometimes even the world.

Open mic nights

You can get your weekly dose of laughs and mehs at some venues in the city. Open mics are casual (not that comedy is all sophisticated.) where apart from the host and a few regulars the stage is open for people to come up and give comedy a go. Well not exactly like that but you can get it fixed with the host. Hosts are usually the stars of the night and well known comics while the others might be first timers or other seasoned artists as well. You can catch some of these shows at The Piano Man Jazz Club at Safdarjung and the Toddy Shop at Hauz Khas Village.

Akshara Theatre

Is no laughing matter when it comes to comedy. You’ve probably been here to see some of the most mesmerizing plays but that’s not all that they do. Akshara theatre is one of the best venues for comedy events as well. Not as big as other stages in that part of town it is still a great setting for humour. You feel at home and there is a great deal of interaction with the artist as well as others around.


Yahavi is another well known name in the comedy circuit. Although a newish organization it has made quite a name in the town’s comedy venues really quick. This is mostly because of their selection of some of the funniest artists that aren’t seen regularly in Delhi. Their events take place all over town but most popularly at Bandstand, Lord of the Drinks, Wolfgang and co. etc. Check them out here (

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