Where To Score Quirky Phone Covers For Under Rs 700

Phone is the one device that everyone spends the most time with. From calling people to social networking to paying bills, phone has become an integral part of our lives and representing who we are. For this very reason, a lot of companies have come up with the best and most beautiful phone covers that not only protect this important device but represent the user’s unique taste too. Here are some websites that have some of the quirkiest phone cases that every phone lover must have on their to-buy list.

1. Chumbak


The first thing that will attract anyone to buy from Chumbak is the beautiful designs. It is no wonder it comes up first on the list of the quirkiest phone covers. The myriad of graphic pictures like moustaches, glasses, unusual names represent the Indian spirit which everyone wants to stick to. This entire visual treat is up for grabs at prices that range from Rs 150-1000

Website: https://www.chumbak.com

2. Happily Unmarried

happily unmarried

This brand is known to churn out individualistic styles that are one of a kind and will attract any and every one to themselves. Their phone covers have words like Selfie Queen, Awaara Hoon and many other catchy one liners. It is like a statement t-shirt for the phone and reflects the owner’s persona on their beloved gadget. They are priced around Rs 700 but some very good deals can be found online.

Website: http://www.happilyunmarried.com/

  1. Fashionara


Fashionara is more famous for the variety that it has than anything else. The sheer size of the collection has people confused about what they will want to buy from this brand. Even their prices are very nominal and suit every pocket. Their style is more artsy that anything else and buyers with a more romantic and young taste will love to try out their products. Their basic range starts from a nominal Rs 349.

Website: http://www.fashionara.com/


  1. CyanKart


Cyankart has range that will give a fun pop vibe to any phone. Animal prints, digital prints, painted landscapes are only a few of the many types they have on offer. They do customised phone covers too like Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad or even your favourite superheroes. Prices start at Rs 349

Website : https://www.cyankart.com/


  1. India Circus

india circus

India Circus stays true to their name and represents India in the most colourful and kitschiest manner. Vivid patterns of cityscapes, vehicles, animals like tiger, elephants are their staple. These can very easily jazz up any boring phone as soon as put on. Their range starts from Rs 489.

Website: http://indiacircus.com/accessories.html


  1. PosterGully


Postergully does classy matte finish phone cases. They have bright and bold colours with the sleekest of patterns which form a subtle impression while protecting their precious cargo. Their strong design is meant to protect the phone from any impact as well as be as flexible as the user wants and provide access to the ports of the device, all at the same time. Additionally, they are lightweight and scratch proof too. These are available at the price of Rs 599 and upwards.

Website: http://www.postergully.com/


  1. Cover It Up

cover it up

They provide the best covers that can give any dull phone a quick and trendy makeover. Most users swear by not just the quality of the product but how well the site is too. From a wide range of covers to Cash On Delivery options they provide everything to keep their customers loyal. There is no additionally shipment charge and the delivery service is the quickest one can imagine. The range starts at the steal-price of Rs 500.

Website: http://www.coveritup.in/


  1. Wishpicker


This website is the highest rated when one wants a customised cover that too with their own creativity making an impression on the body of the phone. Personalised products are a specialty that they swear by giving the buyer a unique product of their making. They make a good option for gifting too and are the best way to show someone the effort that has been put in making their gift. Prices start at Rs 399.

Website : https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wishpicker

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