Set Relationship Goals This Valentines’ Day!

Valentines’ Day is here and you can already feel the love in Delhi’s air! Campuses are abuzz with girls and guys smiling all around, hip offices have started celebrations by launching couples’ contests, and the whole city has been gripped by a festive mood. What could excite ‘Dilwalo ki Dilli’ more than a celebration of love, after all! But aren’t you bored yet by the same old routine? Going out for a meal, gifting each other adorable little things and the like is so cliché. Do it different this time – surprise and impress your partner by going the extra mile to make them feel special. We have made a list of offbeat ideas for you to pick from for this year’s special day!

  1. Take a cycle ride around town

You have stayed in Delhi for a long time now, but have you had the chance to explore the narrow lanes and the spick and span roads on a cycle? Going through at our own leisurely pace or racing with your ride-mate? Double the fun this time. Take a couple of cycles on rent, keep a few hours out of your daily routine for it and have a romantic ride with the special one.

Visit to book prefixed tours or visit a metro station to rent cycles and decide your course yourself.

  1. Go for a walk through unfrequented locations

Explore the rich history of the city first-hand with your partner; take a heritage walk, admire the Mughal architecture, the runs of Tughlaqabad or the colourful lanes of Old Delhi. A walk together can be, by its very nature, intimate and give you a lot of time to indulge in each other. You can make it even more special by walking through new areas and taking in the exquisiteness that is Delhi.

If pre-arranged walks are not for you, you can simply pick an area in town to have a leisurely stroll through. A saunter around the sophisticated Lutyen’s Delhi, or passing through the ridge area in North Delhi, can be soothing and make for a memorable experience.

Check out for a range of walks to choose from.

valentines dayCourtesy: Roy Chowdhury

  1. Take a few hours of private dance classes

Dancing is a surefire way to experience close romantic moments with the SO and can give you memories forever. Let your inhibitions go, take your partner by the hand and lose yourself as you dance to the music. If either of you is not the dancing type, go ahead and get private dance classes for a few hours. You can learn something extraordinary and gift the both of you a new way to express your love this V-Day.

You can take your pick from a variety of dance forms – salsa, Bollywood, tango and more – at

  1. Take in the magnificence of a pottery village together

A taste of a peaceful, natural village, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, can leave you with a sense of calmness and satisfaction. Watch people at work with pottery, weaving amazing creations with clay, and let the rarity of the moment touch you and your partner as you take a tour of a village full of busy potters. You can bring back mementos as a memory of what could be a really intimate and enlightening experience.

You can contact Indomania Pottery Village Tour to know more about it and book your choice of tour.

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  1. Explore your adventurous side and indulge in fun sports

If you are adrenaline junkies, there’s a variety of unusual options available for you throughout town. The Indian Mountaineering Foundation at Motibagh offers the chance to have a go at sport climbing, tyre swinging, commando nets, rope ladders and many more. If these do not feel right, go have some fun time playing paintball at the Shootout Zone at Kishan Haat. A faux war zone, you can enjoy with your partner by competing to see who can hit the other with paintballs first!

Head to or according to your preference.

  1. Take a long drive and bond over

If you can arrange a car, an ideal way to spend your day would be to go for a long drive with your partner. Rides are a tried and tested way to become close, and you can spend hours talking and laughing with the one you cherish. Viable options are Neemrana (100 kms), Murthal (50 – 70 kms) or Manesar (50 kms).

You can get self-driven cars and bikes on rent at reasonable prices on or

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