Soju So Good at Shim Tur

How many times have you been to My Bar Paharganj? How many times have you dined at Sam’s Café and when did you stop going there because it was just not the same. But even otherwise, if you’d like to go someplace that is a little off the beaten path and offers an unusual cuisine at Paharganj, head over to Shim-Tur or more commonly called, the Korean café.

shim tur 3

Yes Korean, right in the dark lanes of Paharganj. There are boards that have the name written in Korean and arrows that guide you up a few flights of stairs and on your way up, you might feel like it’s not a good idea but once you’re there you’d feel like you made the perfect choice. A warmly lit terrace with bamboo screens, wooden tables and tons of pictures of the people who’ve visited this place. You’ll probably also find some Korean backpakers here. On the menu are the most popular and basic Korean offerings. We tried the Bi Bim Bap- an assortment of veggies, meat, fried egg on a bed of rice with the very flavourful Gochujuang. Everything comes with the most pungent Kimchi, if you have the taste for which, will be called for again and again. The Kimchi is on the house. We also had the Kim Bap, a basic vegetarian sushi, rice, veggies rolled in seaweed sheet. It is flavourful and goes will when dipped in soy sauce.

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Next we had the Jea Yook Dup Bop, that is roast pork in spicy sauce on a bed of rice. It sounds as simple as it is. Be sure to have a large apatite because all the rice and meat fills you up fast. Their roast squid version is equally good, try if you like sea food. The seafood pancake on the other hand is not always consistent. The food here is not too spicy as some might expect. It is clean and well prepared. Only as fresh as Korean food is supposed to be, considering a lot of their ingredients are fermented or dried before use. The Sam Kyup Sal is a dish where they get you raw veggies and fine slices of pork. And also a gas stove with a grilling plate on it. You do your own live barbeque on your own table.

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With few people being adventurous enough to try out this café, there is a lot of peace and quiet to take your time and enjoy a whole evening as you chow down different kinds of snacks. The snacks that go along best with beer and Soju. Soju is a mild tasting, clear alcohol. You can either do shots or a soju bomb by mixing it in your beer. It doesn’t seem like much but this combination can get you tipsy real quick.

We had a great time here and would recommend everyone who doesn’t like to get drunk and loud to pay a visit. Also there’s a room at the back which has a karaoke machine, which can be used to your amusement while your food and drinks get served to you there.

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Meal for two: Rs 800 (with drinks)

Closest Metro Station: RK Ashram Marg

Where: 3 F, Navrang Guest House, Tooti Galli, Main Bazaar, Paharganj, New Delhi

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