Sufia Handicraft – For Vintage Records, Knick Knacks and Gramophone Repairs.

Nothing beats the charm of manual gramophones. All one has to do is to carry the box, wind the machine, and listen to some soulful music in any part of the world. After having told you where to buy LP records from in Delhi, it occurred to us what if you are one of those record lovers who have a record player but which does not work anymore. So out we went in search of a gramophone mechanic, just for you! To our pleasant surprise this quest for a gramophone mechanic led us to stumble upon a wonderful world of vintage materials.


Located in one of the by lanes of old Delhi, the different items that are available in this shop called Sufia Handicraft belong to a bygone era, just like everything else in that part of the city! Run by Rais Ahmed, though Sufia Handicraft as a shop has been around only since the last two decades, the Ahmeds have been in the profession of fixing gramophones since the last forty years. Having learnt the tricks of the trade from his father, Rais Ahmed has also passed on the family tradition to his two sons who run a separate shop that focuses specially on selling vintage curious through online portals. A native of Bijnor, Rais Ahmed moved to old Delhi in 1950s. His ability to fix all types of gramophones, be it HMV, Japanese or American made record players, secures a very wide customer base for him. Depending on the work involved it would cost you anywhere between Rs. 200 to 500. People come to him not only from all over India but from many other countries as well. At this shop, besides getting your gramophone fixed you can also buy a new piece. All varieties of record players are available here. If you have an eye for the vintage, go for the ‘new’ old gramophones at just Rs. 2000. The other record players based on latest patterns that he manufactures would cost you around Rs. 1500. In what can only be termed as the ‘complete package’, this store also sells LP records! Of course in that too records of the old 78 RPM version are available for sale here.


Among the other vintage items that can be found at his store are a variety of wall clocks, lamps, showpieces, and nautical items. A special mention must be made of the different types of telephones that are available at the Sufia Handicraft. Make sure to ask for the ‘Gandhi’ and ‘Maharaja’ telephones when you go there!


Where: 1775, Main Road, Lal Kuan, bang opposite the banyan tree

Nearest metro Station: Chawri Bazaar

Timings: 10 am to 6pm (Sunday closed)

Contact details: 9810125493, 9871125677

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