Tea Trails – Best Tea Spots in Delhi-NCR

One of the simplest things to do is have a cup of tea. It takes just minutes to prepare and everyone has their own way of brewing a hot cup. Yet there are reasons why you should step out of your home for some tea as the tea bars and lounges around the city are really upping the steep game. We list down the best places to source tea and up your brewing game.

Wagh bakri Tea lounge


Nestled in the most bustling shopping areas of Delhi that is Lajpat Nagar, this tea lounge is an unsuspecting winner. The age old brand from Ahmedabad has taken a leap and brought it’s tried and tested offerings to the streets of Delhi.  Whether you’re tired of all the shopping or just need to have a better cup of tea and snacks than your everyday home brew. They have impeccable service; the staff is attentive and prompt with the orders. The teas they offer are mostly the basic tea and blacks, with original Wagh Bakri strong tea. They have flavours like mint, lemongrass etc. all having a brewed and tea-bag version. You can also take home some loose tea blends and bags. Everything is done right except the food options. There aren’t too many things to eat and what they do have isn’t really the best. Go here for a great cup of tea and get out.

 Where: Lajpat Nagar II, GK I and Netaji Subhash Place

Sancha Tea Boutique


Sancha Tea boutique comes from the famous house of Sancha teas. The offer a wide variety of teas (around 35) ranging from green, black, oolong to white. Sancha Tea was set up back in 1981 by the master tea taster Sanjay Kapur and it shows, or tastes if you will. This cozy yet urban setup offers teas that hare tried and tested, coming from farms up in the hills and processed delicately to give you the best and fullest flavour possible. These are served in intricate teapot and cups along with some yummy treats.

Where: 20 Santushti Complex Arcade, Chanakya Puri

Nearest Metro Station: Race Course

Mittal tea boutique


One of the oldest tea shops of the city, this gem only sells tea leaves and teaware. Setup in 1954 and run by a family of tea tasters, it has come about to be a legend of sorts over the past 3 generations of acquiring and selling tea. They house the choicest selection of teas from around the globe, from countries like, Japan, China, South Africa, Sri Lanka and of course the different states of India that produce delectable tea. The Teaware such as timers and strainers sold here are also of the highest quality and a must pickup for an enhanced tea experience at home.

Where: 12, Sunder Nagar Market, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar

Anandni Himalaya Tea Boutique


The very proper and pristine little place, all white and shiny on the inside, welcomes you with warmth and wafts of delicate tea blends. Run by Anamika Singh, a tea sommelier and connoisseur par excellence. She has always been an ardent fan of teas and thus been concocting her own exotic and rare tea blends, leading her to finally open up her own tea room in Shahpur Jat.
The teas are sourced from the Manjhee Valley tea estates that are owned by her family and brought here specially for you to savour and resist buying.
Do try their pinewood smoked tea, green tea with rhododendron, fire-flame bush, etc. Before picking up your favourite, spend a little time here sitting and sipping on perfectly steeped tea as per required by the tea leaves used. Indulge in long forgotten spices that bring out the best in every cup and then get your bag to take home. If you’re still not decided upon which is best, you can always pick up a sampler pack of 10, with assorted teas.

Address: 10-A, DDA Flats, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi, Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz khas.

 Tea Trunk

tea trunk

Think you know tea? Think you know someone who really knows teas and has all kinds at home? That doesn’t match up to the person running this cute little space, Snigdha Manchanda who takes you through her own explorations in teas and their accompaniments. Having studied tea in Sri Lanka she has brought about the perfect blends, devoid of any dust packed in tiny tin trunks. Though the “trunk” probably came from their little ambassador, a cute little elephant that is seen on all the tins holding the flavour in his trunk or bathing in them. The shop is in Goa, but you can order your supply online and have it in your home or office here in Delhi.

Try out the Chilli Chai, Rose Oolong and Ginger root black tea to get a sense of how these flavours actually go with tea unlike the usual milky and sugary brews of home.

 Where: Order online here.

Passion my cup of tea

As the name suggests, if you’re passionate about tea, this place has got the right cup for you. Not the most curated of the lot, this is a simplistic take on fine tea drinking experience. It is a modern take on age old teas, much like a coffee shop they mix their teas with flavours like caramelized Cinnamon and hazelnut. You might think it odd but it actually works, which is why you have to go there and try one of these peculiar concoctions. They also serve a beautiful Green Tea Kahwa which is a surprisingly pleasant twist to both the Kahwa and the Green tea. Apart from the herbal teas they shine through with the more common and close home teas like the Masala, Elaichi and saffron. The Snacks available are not much to talk about but do make good companions with the tea. They also sell their pick of Assam tea in cartons of various sizes.

 Where: PVR Priya Complex, Ground Floor, Basant Lok,Vasant Vihar.

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