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Getting food delivered is one of the best joys of living in a big city. It literally speaks so much about our inherent want of curling up and watching shows while not having to cook/tell the maid what to cook/go out/have anyone come over. Especially if it is some tangy, flavourful Thai food done to perfection.

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Thai Crate is the newest and bestest delivery-only place to order in Thai from. They make sure of the authenticity by sourcing all the dry ingredients and sauces straight from Thailand, that combined with fresh meat and veggies sourced locally gives you things to drool for. And this has been made possible by three Thai food fanatics, Rajat Berry, Divya Berry and Divik Anand. There is absolutely no fuss about this and the food is fresh as hell (or heaven maybe). They are simple with their menu, as each dish is first mentioned as a translation of its Thai name, then the thai name and then a detailed description of what it really is. Along with that one of the things we really liked about Thai Crate is the packaging. They have really neat plastic boxes (also known as PP5 boxes) that come sealed so there is no leaking and oiling of all the contents that come in the packet. The boxes are also sturdy enough to microwave and eat out it. But that is still nothing compared to the quality and taste of the food the send, so lets get to it.

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Chicken Satay is something that all Thai food places do and Thai Crate offering more options than the usual does it too. Unlike the dry satay that you usually get these were super juicy and had a nice smokey flavour to them. They were quick to finish, what with that awesome peanut sauce. Next we went for the most basic stuff that needs to be perfect, Green curry and steamed rice. We’ve had green curries that are too watery, thickened with cornstarch and those which lack the punch. Thai Crates curry has just the right texture. In the smooth coconunt milk is the grainy spices and super tender slices of chicken. This really raised the bar for green curry for us.The rice was no flairs of course but just right.

Something that we had never tried changed out mind about it forever, the Papaya Salad. Juliennes of papaya in a really fresh zingy and spicy dressing with crushed peanuts made for a deelish dish. Moving on to the star of everything we ordered, the Steamed Fish with lemon coriander chilli. This was a real surprise, the fish was steamed to the right point, no part of it was over or under done. It was completely smothered in the beautiful sauce made with fresh coriander, lemon chilli for the kick. The fish was did not seem to have been marinated and that kept its own sublte taste which contrasted amazingly with the spicy sauce. This also goes really well with rice, although we ate most of it straight out of the box.

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Just like the green curry, the Pad Thai is a simple affair but its taste makes us always want to go back to it. So it was customary to order and again we were thankful for the choice. A well balanced preparation, not too sticky not too dry with just the right amount of red chilies and peanuts. This completely packed our tummies and was the most comforting of everything ordered. We recommend ThaiCrate for their brilliant, no-fuss and authentic Thai food and the convenience of ordering it in your pyjamas.

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