The Budding Poet’s Guide To Delhi

For a city known for its cramped innards and weekend excesses, it’s not  a surprise that thoughtful ponderings of poetry is not spoken about enough. When you associate Delhi with ‘spoken word’, the words you’re thinking of are seldom poetic. However, there are many dedicated groups in the city that encourage poetry of different kinds, be it written or spoken word/slam poetry. Beyond the overflowing nightclubs and malls, lies a segment of people whose idea of a good time is to congregate under the once starry night skies of the city and express themselves with no restraint. Most of them are not recommended for the easily offended.  Here is a look at a few of them.

Poets Cornerpoets corner

What began as a students’ movement, has grown into an India-wide phenomenon of poetry. The group is also behind the popular annual Delhi Poetry Festival in New Delhi, which is now one of the largest gatherings of poetry in the country. The driving idea behind the establishment of the group was to make it easier for budding poets to get published. It also hosts many poetry reading events, panel discussion, book launches, and workshops among other things. Notably, the group also has a NewLeaf Poets Club, which works with school children and helps them get their works published.

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The Sunflower CollectiveThe sunflower collective

A recently formed group, the Sunflower Collective is a blog that is aimed at publishing, reprinting and/or translating works of published as well as unpublished poets. It also congregates for public readings of poetry. The fact that the platform is open to formally untrained poets this makes it an ideal platform for newcomers. Their belief in John Coltrane’s philosophy ‘all good art is introspective, personal and hence, political translates into transcendental poetry’ is a driving factor.

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Delhi Poetry Slam

Delhi Poetry Slam

Focused on the spoken word form of poetry, the Delhi Poetry Slam is arguably one of the most prominent platforms of its kind in the country. The famous ‘Open Letter to Honey Singh’ is one of their most watched creations and can be viewed online. Their events attract the hottest slam poets from around the world. It also organises workshops and summer camps for aspiring poets.

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Mildly Offensive Content

mildly offensive content

First introduced at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, the initiative later began branching out to different corners of the city in the form of performances. The group specializes in slam poetry and tackles issues that range from politics to personal experiences.  Aside from their core team, they often invite guest speakers as well.

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Poets and Pintspoets and pints

The Delhi-based get-togethers of Poets and Pints stand out from other similar gatherings. Organised on different terraces of houses in the city, mellow musical performances mingle with poetry readings. The BYOB arrangement just adds to the charm. The initiative was inspired by a Northern Irish event where students of Queens University assembled at local bookstores and recited poetry.

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Poetry Couture

poetry couture

Situated in major Indian cities -Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi, Poetry Couture hopes to revive a culture of reading prose and poetry. Readings mostly take place at cafes and parks.

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Bring Back the Poets, Delhi

bring back the poets

This group hopes to take issues like sexuality, politics and puts it out on public platforms. It is known to organise open mic events as well as poetry slams within the city.

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Delhi Poetree

delhi poetree

Delhi Poetree is one of the more established collectives in the city. It also has a sizeable roster of poets. The group intends to make poetry a popular but at the same time, a financially viable activity. Apart from organising poetry reading sessions in the capital, Delhi Poetree has discovered over 500 poets and published works more than a 100 poets in Hindi and English.

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