The Colonnade Comes To CP

If you haven’t circled around the inner circle of Connaught Place at least twice to find that one bar, you either have too much faith in Google Maps, or you’ve spent years getting familiar with the area. All around the inner circle, pillar after pillar, the monotony of the colonnaded passages can disorient anybody. A reminder of the colonial past (is that a good thing?), the colonnade is a result of British architect Robert Tor Russel’s homesickness. But keeping the Britishers’ obsession with the colonnade aside, a very recent addition to CP’s club and bar brigade would definitely have done Russel proud.


In the first week of June, Delhi’s colonial heart is slated to get a new lifestyle zone – The Colonnade. The name obviously comes from the classical architecture of CP with its evenly-spaced columns, and has been designed in keeping with that. This is made evident once you cross the peristyle walkway to enter a spacious two-storeyed white building with the usual arches, which is the soon-to-be food and fashion hub of the city.


The Colonnade will be executed in two phases, the first being a food and beverage space. The makers felt that though there were enough bars and clubs in CP, there weren’t enough spaces where the urban crowd could come feast. But The Colonnade aspires to be more than just your average food court. From Fat Lulu’s, Wanchai, Wow Momo, The Beer Café, Burger King and Mamagoto to The Permit Room – it has what CP does and doesn’t. There is an inside food court area, a wide outside sitting area and a few bars on the first floor. How the Colonnade transcends from being just a food court is through the nuances of its functioning. Instead of the usual TV screens or alarm bells that ring once your order is ready, you will get personal pagers which will prompt you to go to the outlet and get your food. You will also have the freedom to pay by Credit Card at the outlet itself, without having to go all the way to the cash counter. But you can’t, however, pay by cash.



Although modelled on the same lines as CyberHub in Gurgaon, and launched by the same organisation, The Colonnade boasts to be quite different – first, because of the décor and seating accommodation, and second, because it will band together fashion and lifestyle. A space where you can eat, drink, shop and also watch live gigs. In terms of affordability, director Manav Deep Singh says he has kept people from different social strata in mind, which includes students and tourists as well. We’re impressed with the seating arrangement and not very sceptical about the traffic as a valet service has already been arranged for. Another impressive information is that there is a possibility that a new microbrewery by Raasta may come up here. If that happens, nothing can stop a crowd overabundance scenario in this area. So apart from being mini replica of CP’s colonnaded structure, The Colonnade is definitely a nice deviation from its present system. We sure are excited to check this one out.


Where: Plot 5, B Block,

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk, Gate No. 2v

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