Men Fashion Bloggers in Delhi NCR: Keep Your Eye on These 8!

The men’s fashion blogger circuit in India isn’t quite big, but these guys from New Delhi are creating a name and following for themselves. Besides being experts on grooming and fashion, they have active side-gigs ranging from consulting to running restaurants. Here are some pioneers of the fashion industry from New Delhi that we recommend you follow.

  1. Varun Singhania — BEARDEYESVIEW

While his well-groomed beard might be the first thing to grab your attention, the casual and comfortable outfits distract you soon enough. The loose clothes — perfect for summers — and hipster vibe gives his blog a unique look that is understated with a dash of quirk. It will keep you scrolling endlessly.


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  1. Sarthak Raswant — Plaid It Well

Besides wordplay, Plaid It Well’s style blog screams classy. Always ready to dine fine, Raswant — who is also a stylist and consultant for many trending fashion brands — can shell out a few tips on being classy and brave. He makes experimenting with fusion easy. Whether it’s traditional or western, he knows how to mix and match to stand out from the crowd.

plaid it well

Find out all about him on Facebook  and Instagram.

  1. Param Sahib — Ubermenschlab

Param Sahib reminds me of rainbows, psychedelia and a million countryside stories. Staying true to summer, Sahib doesn’t shy away from neon and accessories. All his shoots have vibrant palate from his choice of clothing with bright colours and patterns that pop. While experimenting with accessories, he manages to keep the vibe funky.

param sahib

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  1. Abhinav Mathur — Abix

When he’s not running Hive Kitchen & Bar, Mathur can be found sharing photos in his boy-next-door look on social networks. While casual seems to come naturally to him, he can pull off a sharp attire when needed. He also likes to have fun like photoshopping himself receiving an Oscar. One damn stylish man here.


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  1. Tejeshwar Sandhoo — BlueBerryBlackout

Blueberry Blackout is one great-looking blog. Tejeshwar’s compositions are as fine, detailed and vivid as his fashion language. Pulling off the casual look, he always seems to be ready for a day out in the city. You can check out a few lists with everyday advice on grooming and more.


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  1. Aksheev Puri — Dappersquare

This is the go-to site for any kind of advice on men’s styling. As soon as it opens up, you can start asking question from what to wear to tips. Else, you can always scroll through his two-years of archives for inspiration. Aksheev Puri is also a regular contributor to a number of well-read men fashion magazines.


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  1. Namit Sirohi — Valley Of Chic

This fashion designing student from NIFT has a blog rich with technicalities of and his views on fashion. His blog encompasses everything from his interests to projects. He’s always ready to collaborate and is easily accessible from the contact section on his blog.

namit sirohi

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  1. Amit Hansraj — Indian Dandy

The Indian Dandy a child of Hansraj’s love for photography and fashion. The Editorial section on his blog is home to some visually compelling shoots on themes ranging from seasons to scarves.

indian dandy

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