The Most Affordable Electronic Markets in New Delhi

New Delhi has a lot to offer to all segments of buyers, be it the luxury seeker or the utility seeker. As a result, a number of shopping areas have cropped up that cater to these people. Due to the digital revolution that we are undergoing, the market for electronic items has grown exponentially over the years. But not everyone can afford to buy the latest iPhone from the showroom. For such customers, there is no dearth of shopping options all over the city. Here is a look at some such markets that are easy on the pocket, but provide the latest high-end gadgets.

Nehru Place

A cluster of outdated looking buildings catch the eye when one enters the much hyped Nehru Place market in south Delhi. Known to be an electronics hub, the market is a curious mixture of a grey market and a legitimate one. From outlets of multi-billion dollar companies to a guy trying to sell you a power bank on a footpath, the market captures the spectrum of aspirations of a growing economy that often forgets about those left behind. Cheap laptop and PC parts as well as almost every electronic item is available here. It is one of the preferred destinations for those looking to assemble a PC rather than buying an already made set.

Nearest metro-Nehru Place

nehru place

Palika Bazaar

Not known for etiquette, Palika Bazar is the poor but loudmouthed cousin of the well-dressed and genteel Connaught Place. A brash wilderness of screaming men trying to woo you into their shops, and making eye contact with a vendor and then not entering his shop is often taken as an insult here. Pirated game CDs and consoles are the staple items here.  Palika Bazaar remains one of the go-to places for gaming related paraphernalia. However, it also sells other items such as clothes, shoes etc. Interestingly, it is also possibly the only marketplace that is open about selling sex toys in the capital.

Nearest metro: Rajiv Chowk

palika bazar


Located in North Delhi, Wazirpur is known to be an industrial area but is also a very popular market for computers. The Wazirpur Commercial Complex houses thousands of computer shops. One of the reasons it is very popular is because of hardware options available here. In fact, Wazirpur is one of the largest markets for computer hardware anywhere in the country. It stands at par with Nehru Place and also has showrooms of almost all popular brands. Graphic cards, motherboards and CPUS are some of the specialty items found here.

Nearest metro: Netaji Subhash Place


Gaffar Market

This is arguably the most popular destination for tech freaks looking for great bargains in the capital. The market is notorious for selling products even before they are officially launched in the country. Electronics are available at much cheaper prices, however, those expecting bills and receipts might be disappointed. Like most grey markets, goods bought at Gaffar Market are a gamble. Things are likely to go in your favour but might go against you. From second-hand cellphones to the latest television sets, Gaffar Market offers gadgets in a wide price range. Negotiation is a key skill required to secure a good deal here.

Nearest metro: Karol Bagh



Bhagirath Palace

Located in the chaos of Chandni Chowk’s lanes, Bhagirath Palace is the largest wholesale market for electronics and lighting in India. It has hundreds of shops selling every possible electronic spare, right from chips to motherboards to ipods and home theatre systems. It is possibly best known for shops selling thousands of varieties of lights – lamps, bulbs, leds. Diwali sees this market at its busiest.

Nearest metro: Chandni Chowk

bhagirath palace


Lajpat Rai Market

Situated in Old Delhi close to Bhagirath Palace, Lajpat Rai market lies opposite the Jain temple. It is popular for CCTVs and other home security equipment. From the original stuff to Chinese knock-offs, this market has something to offer to everyone. As expected, your bargaining skills play a big role in your experience here.  One must exercise caution as phone replicas are abundant here, and one would be advised to check a product thoroughly before purchase.

Nearest metro: Chandni Chowk

lajpat rai market

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