The Supply Chain of Jugaad

A unique vehicle speeds up a major part of Delhi-NCR’s rural and informal economy. Also known as the Jugaad, this three-wheeler does not require any kind of permits or license to run – a fact that would make any car driver who has been penalised for driving without a license in Delhi go green with envy! It is a local multipurpose vehicle that is actually a very common feature of Delhi’s wholesale markets. A literal mix of a bit of this and that, its handle, brakes, the motor and the wooden carts which form its seat are all made out of spare parts of other vehicles.

Though officially illegal, these jugaad rickshaws are produced through a proper supply chain, just like any other professionally manufactured automobile. In Delhi this chain is spread out from the western to the eastern side. While the spare parts are sourced from Mayapuri, the largest junk market of Asia, located in west Delhi, it is the eastern part of the city where these pieces are actually assembled. Shops in Noida make the wooden carts which are then supplied to six different garages located in East Delhi where these vehicles are assembled on a per order basis.

Though opinions can differ about the quotient of innovation of these machines, a word a warning for our more adventurous readers who might want to ride these motor rickshaws – even the assemblers/manufacturers are never hundred percent sure about the quality of brakes of these vehicles.

Regardless of the brakes, this market will definitely be a delight for those of you who love exploring grey markets and may be interested in taking up small scale innovative manufacturing projects of your own. This supply chain sure has potentials for being included in the same list as that of Gaffar market (where you can get all kinds of electronic goods), wholesale markets of automobile spare parts in Chandni Chowk, and Chawri Bazaar.

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