The Tales of The Last homes: Bring Smiles on The Wrinkled Faces

As they embark upon the last stages of their lives’ journeys, many senior citizens residing in the national capital shift to old age homes or senior citizen homes. In some cases, the individuals are childless or their children reside in some other geographical area. So, they move to a place where they find their contemporaries and sufficient attention to keep themselves going. While for a few others it is just a matter of preference and they choose to live in old age homes as they find the comfort which is missing in their residents. However, for some, it is not exactly their own choice and children or kith and kin decide to shift them to an old age home for multiple reasons, including busy working hours of the other family members.

Away from their families, old people need nothing but care, affection and attention. Well, if you intend to bring smiles on these wrinkled faces by visiting and volunteering or simply think of donating something to them, then here is a guide.

Here are the names and details of senior citizen homes located in different parts of Delhi and organisations which can help you serve the elderly:

1. Shashiraj Foundation Old Age Care Home: Twenty individuals, including six male members reside in the old age home located in Shahdara, East Delhi. Generally, children who cannot look after their parents, owing to their busy schedules, leave them here. In this place, Rs.12, 000 is charged for a bed in a non-ac hall (which comprises of 12 beds), while to book a place in an ac hall (which comprises of 12 beds) Rs.16, 000 is required to be paid every month. At the time of admission, Rs.25, 000 is also deposited as security which is used in case of emergencies.

Volunteers, including school and college students visit the old age home for chat sessions with the elders. The old age home managers also encourage volunteers to present cultural shows and arrange indoor game contests. Volunteers are not allowed to meet the residents between 1-2 pm i.e. lunch hours and 2-3 pm i.e. siesta time. Besides that, anybody willing to pay a visit and help or meet and greet these elders can step in the old age home anytime between 9 am-9 pm. For donations, drafts can be given to the managers. In the draft, the recipient’s name should be mentioned as Shashiraj Foundation Old Age Care Home.

Shashiraj Foundation Old Age Care Home, 678 Kabool Nagar, Shahdara, near OBC Bank, Delhi

  1. Vridh Sadhna: This old age home is located in Burari, North Delhi. The managers of this place do not charge money from the residents. They offer them bed, food and 24 hours assistance. The number of old people residing here do not remain fixed as every senior citizen who needs a space is welcome and many people keep moving in, while the residents are also allowed to go back whenever their relatives wish to take them and they feel comfortable too. The old people are not given rooms, rather they are made to stay in halls, so that they can interact and bond.

A gentleman named Rajiv Gupta manages the place with a few other employees. The place operates with the money that the trust which runs it collects and receives in the form of donations and grants. For donating money or any usable item, individuals can contact Gupta by e-mailing him on Donations can also be made directly to the account of the trust.

Volunteers who would like to serve the residents of the old age home are not allowed to interact with the residents. The managers feel that they might touch a wrong chord by reminding them of something and hurt them unintentionally.  However, volunteers are encouraged to assist in managing the place in whichever way they are comfortable. Mostly, they look forward to receiving help in the form of kind from the volunteers.

Vridh Sadhna, Khasra No – 46/20, Kaushik Enclave, Swaroop Nagar Road, Burari, near Shalimar Palace, Delhi

  1. Shiv Ashray Senior Citizen and Old Age Home: The residents of this old age home are given first class facilities. From food to AC to TV—the residents of the old age home are offered everything. There are 37 rooms and the charge for each room is Rs.18, 500. Currently, 50 old people, including 16 females reside in this place. There are around 35 employees in the old age home who help these old people and prepare their food.

Manager Jitender Bharadwaj stated that on many occasions volunteers came to distribute food and ended up littering the place. So, volunteers who intend to help are encouraged to interact with the residents and donate cash or kind. The drafts can be given in the name of the place—Shiv Ashray Senior Citizen and Old Age Home.

Shiv Ashray Senior Citizen and Old Age Home, Plot Number 14, behind Mayur Apartment, near Japanese Park Gate No 1, Rohini Sector 9,Delhi

  1. Helpage India: This is an NGO which assists various old age homes in the national capital. They organise health camps, provide mobile healthcare service and arrange free cataract services and cancer treatment for residents of various old age homes across the country, including the national capital. In order to deliver, Helpage India needs voluntary support and individuals who are willing to help can do so by filling up the form on the website, the volunteers are made to do two types of work—advocacy and programs. In case of advocacy, the volunteers are supposed to visit old age homes and elder care homes and inform senior citizens about their rights, including legal rights. In case of programs, volunteers under a mentor help the organisation in organising various camps and programmes. The foundation also helps you get in touch with old age homes, in case you want to volunteer at a place near your house.

The Helpage India foundation also accepts donations in both cash and kind. The donations can be made by sending them drafts in the name of Helpage India.

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