How to Throw a Kickass Housewarming Party?

I recently moved to a beautiful apartment in Delhi with three other friends of mine and it has been part fun and part hectic, to be honest. From cleaning to getting a WiFi connection, shopping for the various household paraphernalia and decorating the house—none of it has been easy to pull off.

The apartment is slowly transforming into a home and we can hear the celebratory bells ringing. All of our friends have been more excited than us for a housewarming party and frankly, we too cannot wait to throw one, ourselves. And a really fancy one!

After days of discussion and brainstorming with my friends on the shindig, I was finally able to put up a series of tips and ideas that anyone, with a low budget or otherwise, can use and follow to throw an absolute stunner of a house warming party!


Creating a Whatsapp group and inviting people over for a house warming is one way of doing it but where is the fancy in that? I say — send over a pretty, chic invitation card to all your friends. There are a wide variety of printables that you can easily find online to suit your taste. But if you’re on a budget — just DIY! Some of these DIYs are incredibly simple to execute and look priceless + who doesn’t love a personal touch!

If you’re going for a theme party then make sure your invites reflect the same.



There are a few craft stores in Delhi that you may visit to make your decoration purchases. These include:

a. Itsy Bitsy: From wall decorations to handmade paper, glitter, beads and ready-made craft supplies — this two storey craft paradise is the answer to all your party-decor fantasies. It is closed on mondays.

Address: No.C-20, Opp Bikanervala, Lajpat Nagar Part 2 and QP 63, Gopal Mandir Road, Pitampura

Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat nagar

Phone: +918860724765 (Lajpat nagar) and +91-882668 8637 (Pitampura)

Log on their website to know more.

Follow them on Facebook here.

b. Craft Adda: Your artsy endeavours meet their destiny right over here. Hold no doubts how your invites are going to turn out with this treasure box full of patterned papers, paints, embellishments, sugar, spice and everything nice. To shop online, log on to their website here.


It is inevitable that a group of 15-20 people at a party would split into several small huddles. In that scenario, a smart move would be to divide the space in your house into small, beautifully lit and decorated seating areas. Make sure you use every part of your house for the same; be it your living room, the kitchen bar, your balcony or your terrace.


If you are a couch person then you could decorate your sofa with some stylish and colour coordinated cushions and pillows. Everyone loves that extra comfort of the pillows!

For a more casual setting, you could have a lot of throw cushions and mattresses.




Smell, they say, is the most powerful sense in humans. Easily forgotten yet the most important — The aroma. Make sure to lit up those wonderful scented candles you have been hoarding since forever for a special occasion. This is the occasion! Make that long-lasting, powerful first impression with a swooning scent of warmth spread across your home.

And if you’re on a budget and fragrant candles and oils aren’t happening anytime soon for you, there are always incense sticks! But this part, you absolutely cannot miss, my friend.

Also, don’t forget to mingle aroma with some good music to go along. Perhaps you can arrange a karaoke or a live band to perform at your place. Perhaps you may request a guitarist friend of yours to play, too. Anything works when it comes to good music.



To impart a party like feel, lights are a big yes – yes! There are innumerable ways you can use lights to decorate your home — Randomly hanging them onto the wall, spiralling them over a hoola-hoop and hanging it as a centerpiece, globe lights in mason jars, or lacey or colourful round paper lamps that you may easily find in the local markets. They will add dollops of oomph to your place, make the party come alive and will add a feather to your home along with your cap.



The Fragrance People in Khan market is one of the many places where you’ll find the best smelling candles that are sure to sweep you off the floor.

Address: Shop No. 69-A Opp-Looks Salon, Khan Market

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market

Phone: 011 4351 5962

Look out for Kriti Creations in malls across the city. They stock some great smelling (and cheap) aroma oils and diffusers.


Most humans love to eat. Everything they do, at all times, revolves around eating food. Especially social gatherings like these. A corner dedicated to a remarkable arrangement for foods and drinks would certainly make a striking statement, don’t you think?

Whether it’s balloons, flowers or handmade colourful flags, you may take a pick of your absolute favourite!



Something out-of-the-box is always welcomed and much appreciated. The idea of the chalkboard and a street-cart food arrangement are seamlessly fabulous.

For some quick bites and healthy pre-marinated ready-to-cook delicacies, there are a lot of options available in NCR. These include:

  1. Green Chic Chop: Everything from chicken to mutton, fish and other kinds of meat, they also have vegetarian options available. Find the complete list of stores here.
  2. Modern Bazaar: With a variety of meat marinated in delicious spices, this is your go-to place. Find the complete list of stores here.
  3. Nature’s Basket: Chocolate lover much? Here you’d find your favourite chocolates along with a wide variety of pre-marinated meat. Find the complete list of stores here.

Feel like indulging in scrumptious dips with ‘em chips? Here is your complete guide ‘to satiate your chip and dip fix.’


A party without games is like food without salt. There are a lot of fun game ideas that you can find here.

Also, dedicating a space for a photo booth is an amazing idea. Perhaps you can get a photographer friend (or hire one) to capture the wonderful memories of the day.



It shouldn’t come as a surprise that my flatmates and I have been fantasizing about all the housewarming gifts we’d be receiving (Yay!). These things can get really tricky even when it comes to deciding on a house warming return gift. Plants, framed words of wisdom or art, interesting kitchen items, lamps or a bottle of wine—all these make for some wonderful gifts.



If you’re wondering where you could go to get some pretty gifts or return gifts for these party, look no further than this.

If you were planning on throwing a house warming party and were a little lost, we hope that this gave you ample clue on how you can easily organise one. If you have any questions or ideas on the same, you can share it with us in the comments below.

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