The Young, Wild and Free Disclose Their Bucket List For Delhi

Life is short and Delhi, with a spectrum of historical monuments, eateries and millions of serene localities, is one whole desi universe with panache. In my endeavour to get familiar to Delhi, I asked my Delhi friends a question – “What is the one thing you’d want to do in Delhi before you die?” I expected answers ranging from most iconic, popular, beautiful, historic, fun, delicious, awe-inspiring national parks, monuments, restaurants and amazing road trips. Well, it was this and much much more than this.

‘45 things to do in Delhi before you die’ that would make a very dull and repetitive list. Today, we let Delhi talk. Students, travellers, foodies, writer, engineers, musicians, lawyers and many more spoke about what is the one thing they’d want to do in Delhi before they die. Read on and if randomness and pure indulgence isn’t your cup of tea, you might as well stop right here and leave.

india gate

  1. I would like to go to Big Chill in Khan Market and indulge in some Mississippi Mud Pie.
  2. I’d get some mutton from Andhra Bhavan in my system.
  3. I’d go drink at India Gate late at night and drive around the whole place in an open jeep with my friends Rang de Basanti
  4. Go to Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk areas in hippie clothes, talk to the locals, get some good ghee dipped parathas in my system and marvel at the place I call home. Come back home and die.
  5. Eat at Karim’s at Nizamuddin.
  6. “I’d take a long walk in Lodhi Garden.
  7. I’d love to visit all the 600+ monuments that are open to public.
  8. Get access to ALL the areas of all the heritage spots.
  9. Have chole bhature from Sita Ram, go to Jama masjid for nihaari, and of course indulge in some delicious chaats of Delhi.
  10. Go to a parliament session once and see the ruckus happening live.
  11. Devour the chocolate paan with caramel at the paan wala near Rashtrapati Bhavan.
  12. Take a night tour in Delhi from Paharganj to Chandni Chowk.
  13. Shop till I drop at Emporio.
  14. Perform at the Siri fort.
  15. Watch my favorite band play at the amphitheatre/Stein auditorium in IHC.
  16. Sitting quietly on a winter afternoon at Lotus Temple.
  17. Buy a house in Qutub Institutional area.
  18. Finally go see Jantar Mantar because I have not so far.
  19. Go racing in Buddh International Circuit.
  20. Perform at Kingdom of Dreams.
  21. Spend a night at the Ashoka resort and get a spa.
  22. I would like to read a book while sipping on my cuppa coffee in the secluded areas of Hauz Kaus.
  23. Watch a movie in PVR directors cut, Vasant Kunj just to know why the heck does any movie any day any time cost 1400 bucks
  24. Have sex with my girlfriend in a seedy hotel room in Paharganj while being stoned.
  25. Go on Tinder dates with Delhi Punjabi Guys.
  26. I’d probably go for a drive around central Delhi. The wide tree-lined avenues in bloom give me a sense of home like nothing does.
  27. I’d pig out on all the famous Delhi street food. I want all my samosas and momos and pakoras and chaats and tikkis and tikkas et al. I’ll top it off with piping hot gulab jamuns and then I think I’ll be able to die peacefully.
  28. Play blues at Hard Rock Cafe.
  29. Karaoke hard.
  30. I would want to stand in Rajiv Chowk alone.
  31. I’d create homes for the homeless who live in Old Delhi, make a rule which allows all night bars to function and create world class stadiums for football.
  32. I’ll get Nando’s and Slice of Italy home delivered at home and spend time with my parents.
  33. I would spend a great deal on clean energy and transportation in Delhi.
  34. Climb on top of Qutab Minar.
  35. Do a drag race on Rajpath.
  36. I’ll pay a visit to Shahid Smarak, then to CP for memories sake and finally drink myself to death in HKV.
  37. Visit Triveni, indulge in some Butter Chicken from Anand Dhaba and a walk in Lodhi Gardens/Asiad Village/Deer Park.
  38. Throw a grand party for friends and family at Bukhara.
  39. Get my own house at Prithvi Raj Road.
  40. I hope to see some sense in the Delhi pedestrians before I die.
  41. Go pub crawling to CP in the day, Khan Market in the evening and Hauz Khas at night.
  42. I’d go for an underground poetry slam, get stoned and watch people perform!
  43. Spend a week at Indian Habitat Centre and attend all the shows.
  44. Try the cheap yet delicious food at the various Bhavans.
  45. Take the first flight out of Delhi and leave.

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