Treat Your Skin with These Organic Skincare Brands

This is the future. This is the age of technology. In this fast moving world, all of us have found ourselves indulging in the new age lifestyle where natural elements are making their way into oblivion. Skin is the largest organ of our body and everyone here realises this fact that everything we put on our skin gets absorbed. Here’s our list of organic cosmetics brands making a sincere effort of introducing a holistic and natural way of life.

  1. Skin Yoga

skin yoga

“It was ingrained in us to always go the natural way.” SkinYoga — a 100% natural skincare brand owned by three sisters — was created for people who have or want to adopt a natural lifestyle. They are, in a way, concocting a yogic way of living and a pure vibe with their varied products for the face, body and feet. Their ‘Post Workout Neem Purifier’ and ‘Oats and Roses Face Wash’ — a cleanser for all skin types — are a must try!

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  1. Omved


Keeping in mind the three P’s — People, Profit and Planet — Omved religiously follows the policy of 100% conscious and maintain an innovator status in safe cosmetics. They also consider the social, cultural, ethical, compassionate and quality aspect while creating their products. Their product range consists of everything from shampoos & conditioners to therapy teas, essential oils, scrubs & toners and reed diffusers.

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  1. Pure Earth

pure earth

Pure Earth’s website is pure bliss. They have beautifully represented their story and their products. “Our purpose is to empower women through fair trade not aid.” Founded by a former lawyer turned social entrepreneur — Kavita Khosa — Pure Earth believes in a holistic Ayurvedic approach, power of organic ingredients and fair trade. They have separate section describing all their ingredients in minute details.

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  1. Just herbs

just herbs

Just Herbs is literally just herbs. They create their products giving utmost priority natural and or renewable ingredients from plants and minerals. These products are biodegradable and maintain a safe environment. Apart from skin, hair and bath & body products, they also provide spa & salon services along with skin & hair tips. Their anti-pimple regime and 6 step ‘cream-free’ organic skincare regime for oily/combination skin are undeniably the showstoppers of the website.

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  1. The Body Shop

body shop

We all know about The Body Shop. We have all been to The Body Shop. They are a powerhouse of organic, handmade and sweet smelling products that are the pioneers of this industry. They have some of the best products in the skin, bath & body, and hair range. Their makeup kits and night creams are spectacularly remarkable. You can easily locate their store near you.

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  1. Iraya


Available in major stores across India, Iraya was started 10 years ago with research spanning over three decades. After a humble start of two spas in 2006, it has managed to create a presence in 120 leading of them across the country. Their products managed to create and identity for them by using ingredients good enough to be edible, declaring them and making sure they deliver long-lasting results.

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  1. Soap Square

soap square

Soap Square makes handcrafted soaps that besides nourishing the largest organ in the human body, also look beautiful in your bathroom. While no parabens or petrochemicals are used in the production of these soaps, they fulfill the skin’s need with fruit extracts, oils and glycerin among other ingredients.

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  1. Tatha


As the online avatar of the brand Tatha, Vedic Collection makes products with no chemicals. Also, you get a discount on the products bought on the site. They have handmade products specifically for face, body, hair, teens and men.

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  1. Blossom Kochhar

b_lossom kochar

No alcohol, petrochemicals, mineral oils, synthetic colours or artificial fragrances reads the homepage of their website before you scroll down to notice the “not tested on animals” label. Blossom Kochhar’s products are built on the art of blending essential oils to create products, similar to the ones made by Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilizations for healing.

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