Trees, Walks and Serenity – Your Guide to Nature Walks in Delhi

Delhi, like any other big city, is certainly a busy place where not many can find solace. While this is true for almost every other city, Delhi, thankfully, has hidden little corners for every tired souls who wants to get away from the hustle bustle of life and reconnect with themselves and nature. Walking through the calm and serenity of a lush jungle dotted with a few old ruins or monuments that depict human and nature’s relationship will certainly help anyone reconnect with their creative inner side and make them fall in love with this city all over again.

  1. Kamala Nehru Ridge : This is one of the most colourful stretches of thick vegetation which is locate near the Rajasthan and Delhi border. It is said to be the green lungs of Delhi and is very important in protecting from the harsh winds that come from the Rajasthan side during summers. Kamala Nehru Ridge has many attractions like the Flagstaff Tower, Pir Ghalib as well as the beautiful sarpakar (serpentine) jheel which looks absolutely lovely as runners and early morning risers make their way towards it from the misty trees. The ridge is also home to some beautiful flowers and birds and its well maintained routes invite many a walkers and runners to explore this area.

Nearest Metro Station: Vishwavidyalaya


  1. JNU: Jawaharlal Nehru University is known for its scenic beauty as well as the birds that come flaunting their affairs here. Anyone who has visited this place will swear by the beauty of the bougainvillea and the peacocks strolling about the campus. In fact, some big animal species like Nilgai can also be spotted peacefully going about their business in the heart of the university as one passes through the lanes. Suggested place to start a walk in this area would be from the Admin block to the Parthasarthy road and as one proceeds the winding lanes will automatically beckon to newer areas.

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas


  1. Hauz Khas Lake : Most youngsters are found flocking this place for the eateries and the newest hangout hubs that keep mushrooming here by the dozens. But the main attraction of this place is the huge Hauz Khas area which is a mix of nature and heritage together. Beautiful lush trees carefully hiding the small nooks and crannies of the settlement of Tughlaq Forts can revive any tired walker. As one keeps walking, many sites like little children playing with their dogs or rabbits will be visible. The walk to the deer park is certainly highly recommended from this place. This little nature trail will make even the most tired city person calm down.

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas


  1. Mehrauli Archeological Park : The sheer size of the area is an invite for any one on a nature hike. It is close to 200 acres big with many small heritage sites dotting it. The representation of nature and man’s relationship from such old times may get some people nostalgic. Others come here everyday for daily exercises and the hidden gems like the rose garden and the swing sets at the side park of Jamali Kamali are the ones they suggest, should not be missed. On a lucky day, one might even find some friendly kids asking for someone to level out their teams in a game of cricket.

Nearest Metro Station : Qutub Minar

mehrauli archeological park

  1. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary: This is a part of the reserved forest of the Aravalli hills. Initially marked as a quarry, the oldest hills of Delhi are now protected by the Forest Department. While it is a beautiful place for a walk as one might see an array of wildlife like Blue Bulls, black-naped hares and porcupines, it is also the home to stray monkeys who may snatch at belongings. The place also harbours a butterfly farm and sometimes one may surprise a domesticated camel in the near vicinity. The walk till the lake is one that is certainly physically gruelling but the rewarding feeling of reaching there can’t be compared.

Closest Metro Station: Badarpur


  1. Tughlaqabad Fort : The rich heritage of Tughlaqs spread across 6 kilometers on the Aravalli is certainly one that can attract a lot of nature enthusiasts. Located outside the hustle bustle of the Tughlaqabad settlement near Badarpur, this area marks a field day for anyone passionate about walking. Supposedly cursed by Nizammuddin Aulia, one can still find traces of tribal people who tended to their cattle here before i was declared at a Heritage Site. The ruins invite a lot of explorers and archaeology enthusiasts and the serenity can win anyone’s heart.

Nearest Metro Station: Badarpur

tughlaqabad fort

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