Tricky Taka : Fancy footwork at Vasant Kunj

Tiki Taka is how the people in the world of football refer to the act of quick passes that get the ball across the field one way or the other. A breakaway from the usual formation style play. It is a rather interesting form of play and requires much skill. Such football. Wow. But jokes aside that in its modified form- Tricky Taka is the name of the most well established football facility in the city.


Two five-a-side or six-a-side FIFA approved football fields right in the middle of Vasant Kunj is not a dream but both covered with international standard artificial grass and LED light so you can play in the day as well as night is close to one. Thanks to the guys at Tricky Taka, it is a dream come true for every football lover. They also have a cool café called Offside that serves up some good food and beverage options.

There are regular matches where you can pay around 2000 bucks per team for a match. The prices vary with season and weekend. They also have tournaments every now and then and the cash prize goes up to a whooping Rs 30,000 for the winning team. Tricky Taka is also a football training center where you can get training as per your age and from highly trained and acclaimed footballers. Essentially their aim is to break away from the stereotype that gyms are the only way to stay fit and healthy. Surely sports are the best way to get your daily dose of fitness and Tricky Taka takes that a notch up by providing you best in class equipment and most essentially the large area that football needs. The fields are also enclosed in iron clad cages that give the sport added excitement and piques interest in even those who are not that into football and of course keeps the game going fast as the ball doesn’t roll off too far.


“It is surprising to see the love for football in the city and how tons of guys are always watching football and supporting their teams and yet there isn’t much avenue for real play. There are groups of guys that meet up at colony parks and play however they can. This wasn’t doing much good to anyone so we decided to make a change to this trend and do something that would actually matter to the community. We now get serious players who come in regularly and train to become better. There are guys who show up just to watch and cheer as well,” tell the guys at a Taka. “India is hosting the Under 17 world cup in 2017 and no one even knows about it because there is still a lot less football talk happening in the country but it is changing really fast.  The fever is catching on and we’re doing our part to fuel it further.”

So that’s all you need to get your football face on. Just get there on any day and expect to have a great match with your friends or strangers.

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Where: Farm House No. 25, Green Avenue, Vasant Kunj
Nearest Metro Station: Chhatarpur
Contact: +91 9968037655, +91 7042827743

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