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There are many reasons why Truefitt & Hill’s signature services carry the ‘Royal’ tag. Our favourite reason was the fact that they’ve been grooming the British Royal Family since the time of King George III. But that was before we walked into their newly opened barbershop in Meherchand Market in Delhi and they gave us ‘the chair’. The plush interiors, solid dark wood furniture detailed with gold to go with the Victorian lamps and the traditional shaving mugs, brushes and razors is what makes you truly realize the relevance of their ‘Royal’ services.

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No less than any exclusive gentlemen’s club, Truefitt & Hill wears the oldest barbershop in the world tag handsomely. Since their establishment in 1805 when the first barbershop was opened in London, they have believed that men deserve the best in everything they do. And till today, they maintain that in true English Aristocratic style. With over 130 products designed and developed for the sole purpose of grooming men to look and feel their best, you can choose your colognes, shaving creams, balms and bath gels to your liking and then just sit back and let them take care of the rest.

We went with the signature Royal Haircut and the Royal Shave. While the haircut was preceded by a detailed discussion with the master barber about what we wanted and what he thought would complement our sense of style, the shave was what they like to call ‘an experience’. The shave begins with wrapping of hot towels followed by exfoliating the face with a scrub. After that, the skin is nourished and massaged with a pre-shave oil to make the beard soft. They use handmade badger brushes to lather up the shaving cream.

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Once the works are done, the face is wrapped in a hot towel once again. The experience is finished with a relaxing facial massage and the application of your pick from their range of aftershave balms. By the time the master barber is done with the shave and trimming away to give us a royal mane, it’s time for the head and shoulder massage. Because grooming is, after all, not complete without us feeling great! Before he gets ready to finish the haircut with a shampoo and styling, the master barber suggests we get the Royal pedicure and the Royal manicure. The next 45 minutes are spent cleansing our feet and hands and soaking them in a blend of various essential oils followed by a scrub and a hydrating clay mask.

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At the end of the good two hours spent in luxuriously grooming ourselves, we feel initiated into the club that boasts of a noble clientele including the likes of Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, Paul McCartney and Winston Churchill. The London based chain has partnered with Lloyds Luxuries Ltd for their India operations, starting with the first branch in Mumbai in 2014. Quickly expanding to other cities, they now have barbershops in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Because its time Indian men got what they deserve- the best in everything they do!


Services: Royal Shave: INR 1,900; Royal Haircut: INR 2,200; Classic Shave; INR 1,400 Classic Haircut; INR 1,400; Other services: INR 1,100 upwards

Annual subscriptions to services are also available.

Products: INR 800 upwards, available online and are also retailed through their outlets

Address: #132-134, Meherchand Market, New Delhi/ Ameya One, DLF GOLF course Road,

Phone Delhi: +91 7838702821/ Gurgaon: +91 7838709652 (Prior appointments required)




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