The UPSC Aspirant’s Guide To Finding Accommodation in New Delhi

From students to working professionals, a large number of people come to settle in the melting pot known as Delhi. Many of them dedicate themselves to the turmoil of studying to be a civil servant. Since New Delhi is one of the hubs for UPSC aspirants in the country, a large number of coaching institutes have mushroomed in the city. As important as it is to find the perfect centre, it is equally important to find accommodation which lies near the institutes. Clearing the UPSC exams are often the ultimate goal for a large chunk of the Indian youth. Delhi has a few hubs located mostly in Central Delhi and Northern Delhi which cater to the specific needs of this section of students. From like-minded people, to clusters of coaching centres, these places are now largely associated with students preparing for these exams. Below is a roundup of the areas most conveniently located for UPSC students in the capital.

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Central Delhi

 Karol Bagh Situated in the easily accessible central region of Delhi, Karol Bagh houses a large chunk of Civil Services aspirants in the city. There are various coaching centres that dot the neighbourhoods and are a short walk away from most houses. Also present are libraries which are accessible 24 hours of the day. Proximity to places such as Connaught Place and Paharganj is an added advantage. Some of the well known coaching institutes here are Vajiram and Ravi IAS, Chanakya IAS and Rau’s IAS to name a few. One would be advised to take up solo accommodation in order to cut down on distractions that come with living with friends.

Rent(single room)- Rs 5000 onwards

Tiffin services- Rs 50 per meal approximately

Nearest metro- Karol Bagh

Old Rajinder Nagar Old Rajinder Nagar is the ideal centre for UPSC aspirants in the city. It has the most well rounded concentration of coaching institutes compared to other similar areas. Vajira. Various ‘libraries’,  such as Vision IAS and Aryan Library that provide much needed solitude are also present here. Although they do not provide reading material, they offer a quiet space to aspirants in a loud and vibrant city. Memberships of these establishments lie within the range of Rs 1000, to Rs 2,000(per month) for 24 hour long access.

Rent- Rs 10k onwards

Nearest metro- Karol Bagh

Patel Nagar This is a good option for those unwilling to shell out large amounts on rent. It is a good alternative to those who do not wish to reside in Old Rajinder Nagar, since it is situated very near to it. Rents are also cheaper here.

Rent- Rs 5500 onwards

Nearest metro- Patel Nagar

South Delhi

Ber Sarai– With a number of IAS coaching institutes, Ber Sarai is one of the few locations in South Delhi that caters to Civil Services aspirants. Book stores that sell used as well as new books are also abundant here. Since it is situated near IIT and JNU campuses, students from there can be seen hanging out here.

Rent- Rs 6000 onwards

Nearest metro- Hauz Khas

Jia Sarai– An urban village in South Delhi, Jia Sarai is known for coaching classes for engineering, civil services, among other things. Although most coaching centres cater to the needs of IIT students, there are also ones for UPSC aspirants.

Rent- Rs 5000 onwards

Nearest metro- Hauz Khas

North Delhi

Mukherjee Nagar– Aside from Old Rajinder Nagar, if there is another prominent hub of UPSC hopefuls, it is here in Mukherjee Nagar in North Delhi. Located in the vicinity of North Campus, the buildings of the area are cramped with advertisements of coaching centres, while shops trade in a wide array of reading material required. For the purposes of entertainment, there is also the very conveniently cheap and closely located Batra Cinema, a popular haunt among DU students.

Rent: Rs 5000 onwards

Nearest metro: GTB Nagar

Patel ChestAlso situated in North Delhi, Patel Chest is much closer to the hustle and bustle of college life as it is located near the North campus colleges. The lanes are cramped, and not recommended for the claustrophobic. However, it also houses a fair share of Civil Services aspirants in North Delhi. The famous tea stalls, and 24 hour parathas are its USP, and students can be seen indulging in long winded discussions over tea here at all hours of the day.

Rent- Rs 4000 onwards

Nearest Metro- GTB Nagar

Gandhi ViharThose who don’t want the constant activity at Mukherjee Nagar have the option of living in Gandhi Vihar. Situated 4 km from Mukherjee Nagar, Gandhi Vihar houses various Delhi University students as well as IAS hopefuls. Although the lanes are slightly cramped, it is relatively peaceful due to it being located in the interiors of the campus. Traffic is minimal, and there is constant connectivity between it and Mukherjee Nagar/ GTB Nagar via shared autos.

Rent- Rs 7,000 onwards

Nearest metro- GTB Nagar


Featured image : The Hindu

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