Vegan Food Finds in Dharamkot

Dharamkot is a quiet little town about three kilometers from Mcleod Ganj. This town is perfect for people whose idea of travel includes walking about in the mountains and stopping at cute cafes for a glass of Kombucha or a cup of peppermint tea. And if you’re vegan, you’re in luck because Dharamkot has some amazing vegan food that will blow your mind.

Trimurti Garden Cafe

Run by a wonderful and warm family, Trimurti Garden Cafe has a homey vibe and you can spend hours here reading, drinking Kombucha (the best we found in Dharamkot), eating a bowl of fruit for breakfast or petting their friendly dogs. Even though this place isn’t a hundred percent vegan, a lot of their food (including cakes and cookies) are vegan. And of course, they have free WiFi. Plus, they have a music school (any beginners here?) and run a guesthouse (in case you’re looking for a simple and clean place to crash).

Once In Nature

Once in nature

A quiet little shack that gives you the feel of a hookah joint. It’s not. It’s the place that serves the best Vegan Thali, which comes with a smoothie, boiled millet, a curry, a dry vegetable, salad and a dessert at the end of the meal. It’s a great place to meet other travelers, exchange stories and numbers (if you wish), and of course, soak in the clean mountain air.

Blue Caterpillar

A short walk from Bhagsu and a short rickshaw ride from Mcleod Ganj, Blue Caterpillar is another place for a Vegan Thali (the portions are large and they use fresh herbs and seasoning, which makes the food taste so much better than what we city folks are used to). You may even try their Indian food or order a thin-crust pizza. For dessert, we suggest you definitely try their Homemade Dark Chocolate Snickers. Oh, so yummy.

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