We all Need to Taco ‘Bout it – Taco Bell at Epicuria

For years we’ve heard about the great mecca of Mexican treats, Taco Bell. In movies and shows and internet memes talking about how the delicate western bellies can’t handle that heat. And finally the gods of Taco Bell came to India and it was good.  But more recently Taco Bell opened up an all new outlet at the food mall- Epicuria. This one’s a little different.

The moment we entered we were surprised to see the interiors weren’t the usual fast food chain, glossy and cold tables where people come and pick up their food in a bag and leave or sit in a corner and eat all alone. This place was like a club. A workshop like interior with a huge wall art made by Hanif Kureishi that lends its own charm to the place. You don’t feel like picking up stuff and leaving. It is a place where you’d want to sit down and chat and snack and chat and eat. And even drink. Yes, that means alcohol and that’s another thing that sets the Epicuria Taco Bell apart from the usual. They serve beer, cocktails and some amazing boozy milkshakes, we’ll come to that in a bit. They are a Quick Service Restaurant but that’s limited to only the amount of time they take to serve your food. You order at the counter and the food comes to your table.

Coming to the food we had a taco, a burrito and finished it off with tostados and ice-cream. They have various options for each item. For example you can have a taco with Mexican chicken, fried chicken, paneer, chipotle veggies and then choose the kind of sauce you want along with it.  They chop their veggies right there in the kitchen, unlike the other “fresh” food joints. The stuff comes to you as soon as it is prepared and you can taste the freshness. The taco was really crispy, light and yummy. With mexian chicken it had a good amount of chilli punch to it. The Burrito on the other hand was loaded with cheese, hot sauce, Mexican rice and friend chicken patty. Yummy to the core.

Food at Taco Bell Epicuria._1

But all this is child’s play when compared to that boozy milkshake or as they call them, Hard Shakes we were talking about. It is a dessert and a drink all in itself. You can get rum, vodka or whiskey in either a chocolate or vanilla shake with ice-cream. We got the Jack Daniel’s honey with vanilla. It comes in a huge steel glass and is pretty potent. The shake is thick and flavourful and you can totally taste the JD in it. It can get a little too sweet though. The Tostados and ice-cream are one of the best desserts we’ve had at a fast food chain. Crispy-biscuit-y tostados laced with chocolate and caramel sauce and a huge dollop of ice-cream in the middle. You can combine it all and feel in heaven. Don’t use your hands, it gets messy… or maybe do if you like it dirty. A meal for one will set you back by 300-450 bucks in all and it’s all really worth it.

Food at Taco Bell Epicuria

The folks at Taco Bell told us that they plan to now continue such outlets which have a touch of their own and that most will look different than the other. This one will also have live DJ come and spin some tunes on the weekends. So go ahead and nacho.

Where: Epicuria mall, Nehru Place.

Nearest Metro Station: Nehru Place.

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