What’s Not HKV But So Much More?

How many times have you been to Hauz Khas Village and thought it will be awesome? But you just ended up spending a fortune on insipid drinks at a bar that used to be great and one point. And then when you stepped, you were greeted by shirtless men hanging out of their cars with blaring bhangra music.

It’s not about being a snob and believing that HKV was great back in the day. Whether you’ve been going there since forever or just the past year or two, the place has gone down the drain or the lake if you must. And maybe, just maybe it is time you started looking elsewhere.

The elsewhere in Delhi is scattered. Unlike HKV, you won’t find a hub of bars and clubs packed together anywhere else and thank god for that. The good old hubs like Khan Market, CP, GK are still going strong. But if you really want something new, head over to Vasant Vihar which has small pubs and clubs are sparse and spread over its mostly residential neighbourhood. Boheme is making noise here with their quaint yet chic and urban. Their food and drinks are just right. PCO is another bar that’s been around a while in Delhi and made a buzz with its obscure way of entry and what not. But that shouldn’t be a concern as long as you’re in for some really well made cocktails, slightly on the higher side as far as money is concerned but then you also get to feel a little exclusive. Oh and they don’t have lines of people waiting to get in.

Next is Safdarjung, where you’ll find numerous eateries tucked away in small corners. Go for a hunt to find them and get surprised. The Hungry Monkey being the contemporary attraction, with great dance music, terrace and drinks it’s always a win-win. Then there’s Piano Man Jazz club to get your sophisticated side satiated. Live jazz nights are not to miss. The neighbouring village of Humayunpur is known for its north eastern cuisine. If you’re not afraid of tiny lanes and strange food, walk over to Hornbill café or the Mizo Diner to delight your tastebuds to some fiery pork delicacies.

If you still find comfort around HKV, stray and bit and take a walk around SDA market. The coffee shop hub opposite IIT gate is sure to please anyone. With tiny restaurants and cafés, the market has recently opened doors to bars as well. From the quirky What A Comic Show to the beer lovers Beeryani, it has its own host of watering holes. Cheap rolls, Shwarmas and Momos dot this tiny market that also holds a small garden in the middle of it all. What was once a stop to pick up alcohol from the liquor store has surely become a favourite hangout zone for many.

So whatever it is that you like, you can and should give HKV a miss. Finding a new place also gives you the chance of doing new things and seeing new faces. And what better time to start venturing out in the city than these winter months packed with events.

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