Where To Shop For LP Records in Delhi?

Music lovers of the world, prepare yourselves to be smitten by vintage music records.While we tell you where you can buy these records in Delhi, we present some fun facts about Long Play or LP records.

The parent of today’s compact disc, LP records, in the microgroove form that we know them now, were first invented in 1948. The initial records date back to another fifty years or so with them being invented in early 1900s. These used to be 78 rpm (revolution per minute) records. The problem with the earlier records was that they could for a very short duration. It was later inventions which went on to change the scenario. There are two individuals in particular towards whom LP record lovers have a special gratitude – Thomas Edison for inventing the first record player and Emil Berliner for inventing the gramophone and making it affordable for the masses. The stylus in Edison’s version was made of precious stones like diamonds, making it super expensive. Would you believe it was chance that led Berliner to change this situation completely? His assistant, Fred Gaisberg’s visit to a tailor, eventually led to the creation of record players whose stylus was made out of steel needles that were used for sewing!

Vinyl records were a dominant fashion trend between 1950s and 1970s. With the development of compact discs and other digital music formats the use of these records gradually receded to the background. Whatever be the technological innovations, we are sure true LP record lovers would agree with us when we say the sound quality of these records was definitely better than the new age CDs. It is after not so surprising then that these records are now fast becoming the ‘new’ fashion. If you are a fan of LP records or have a craze about all things vintage, these are a few stores of Delhi you cannot miss.

New Gramophone House

This is one of the few stores where you can purchase both LP records and gramophones. Spotting this shop is bit tricky, so watch out for a shoe store on the ground floor. This musical paradise is located right above it. Possibly one of the oldest LP records store in the whole of India, the new gramophone house was established in 1930 in the Anarkali bazaar of Lahore. After the partition of India, the shop’s founder, Bhagwan Dass Rajpal moved to Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. Since then this store has been catering to the demands of LP record lovers consistently. Even though they evolved their business according to the changes in the market of music records, this shop never stopped selling LP records. For more details visit http://ngh.co.in/

Where: 31 B, Pleasure Garden Market, Opposite Moti Cinema, Main Road, Chandni Chowk

Nearest Metro: Chandni Chowk station (If you are on foot, this store is located right after the camera and cycle market).



Shah Music Centre

This one has a lot of similarities with New Gramophone House. The business is now being run by the third generation of the family to take forward what was first established in 1930s. Finding this store is actually even more difficult because it is located within the meandering by lanes of the Meena Bazaar in Chandi Chowk. On reaching the store you will realise the treasure hunt was worth your time. With a collection of more 50,000 records it is hardly surprising that one can find almost anything beginning from really old Hindi movies, classical singers, to English rock and roll. Besides maintaining a stock of some amazingly rare pieces they also a nice collection of recent music albums. The shop owners willingly play the records before the actual purchase is made by buyers, so you can literally if you are getting value for money.

Where: Shop no. 256, Meena Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 6

Nearest Metro: Chandni Chowk Station


Radio and Gramophone House

For those who might not have the time to visit Old Delhi, this is the next best option for you. Conveniently located in Connaught place, this store was first set up in 1951 by the Jain family. Though they deal mainly with contemporary music instruments, they also host a small section on LP records. What we like about them is the range of their collection which includes both rare pieces as well as latest imported ones. This is another place where you can find both records and turntables.

Where: K-27, Opposite PVR Plaza, Connaught Place

Nearest Metro: Rajiv Chowk Station


Jelly Fish Records

A relatively recent enterprise, its been only two years since this online store was established. Raghav Kohli, the man behind this it, has been collecting records over the last seven years or so. His collection comprises of around a thousand or so records, which he sells through his website and an e- bay store. This store sells old records of both Hindi and English music recorded from 1960s onwards.

Psst… for those of you who have an interest in art, do keep in mind Raghav Kohli also happens to be a key man in the running of the gallery art365!

For more details, visit: https://jellyfishrecordsdelhi.wordpress.com/

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