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Each night, you go to bed thinking about that amazing book, which you’d write one day. It’s almost like an itch that won’t go away. You even have the names of your main characters figured out. You roughly know the plot – the beginning, middle and the end. The tone and the voice. Even the setting and the pace at which it’ll progress. But you haven’t actually sat down to write it yet.

Is it because you haven’t had the time to write it or because there is no community to hold you accountable? By community, you mean the people you can trust with your work, especially when you’re getting started as a writer, and feel even more vulnerable about sharing your writing with others. ‘Is this even good enough?’ ‘Is this story making any sense?’ ‘Where am I going with this character?’

Every writer has been through this internal conundrum, including your favorite writers, who by the way, still have doubts about their work. This, even after they’ve been celebrated and revered by thousands of readers all over the world. That’s because writing can be a lonely process. It can also be an emotionally difficult process. It’s almost as if, you are voluntarily agreeing to be your most vulnerable self and bare your soul to the world. Still, you agree to do it because it’s the only thing that makes sense.

When you read a good book, you don’t think of the self-doubts the author endured or the questions she asked or the time she spent worrying about a character who refused to take shape in her mind, while she was working on the book. But she didn’t let go. She persevered. And this perseverance wasn’t just a result her own will. It was also a result of the support she got from other people.

Now, this support could come from family and friends, who when asked what they thought of your writing, would either say it’s good or not so good. But they don’t give you any details. That’s why having a writing group can be so helpful. These are people just like you, who are convinced about writing. Not for the money or praise, but for the sheer joy (and pain) of having created a good story that only you can create. The more you share and critique each other’s writing with the sheer intention to help one another, the stronger these bonds grow and you eventually learn to get more comfortable with sharing your writing with the outside world. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from our writing group too. Honest (and if you prefer, gentle) feedback and a safe space where you can talk about everything that has anything to do with books and fiction writing. Of course, over lots of coffee and tea (and sometimes, even cake).


To join our fiction writing group or for more details, write to us at kom.singh1985@yahoo.com. We usually meet once every two weeks, at a cafe in Khan Market.

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